Thursday, 8 March 2018


This is something I thought I will never blog on, there are already so many shares on it around!... You believe it or not.... I am having it ever since I was in school.... the mother might have learnt it from someone else.... may be from another parent or from a neighbourhood aunty! No, I have never seen our mother to call someone a friend.... till date I could not convince her that one should have everything in life.... in right balance! Balance is a winning word truly. Later in life, I occasionally tried this PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA in my kitchen .... That lady always used to do it with eggs.... I skipped because I wished to keep it vegetarian. In the process, I had to really think hard about the batter... pakora needs to remain crisp for a longer period. I do not like soggy pakoras served cold. I remember.... both of us siblings were made to sit on the dining chairs.... if it was a fry-day.... they were done at that moment and served hot immediately! In case of roti.... they were served one by one on plate... I should not have talked about such women on a big Day as today.... they are definitely not a good example of feminism. I wish to focus on another point! .... Its about a year now that our mother's man left this world but she still has to complain that her husband had never been appreciative of the amount of effort she gave in the family.... Had he been alive.... they would have completed 48 years together next week. I can totally understand her point..... but did not we learn in Economics that a father-daughter shares a special bond? So, the daughter said my father is the best and hung up the phone yesterday night! Then I felt guilty..... it is not wrong on a woman's part to seek appreciation from her man.... specially if she is doing so much for the family. Our father indeed had a golden heart but supported every other person in the world except for his spouse.... Here too there is a point.... his spouse expected him to change over to fresh clothes each time he entered the toilet in a day! What is the issue here?.... Compatibility.... which our society hardly takes care of while planning a marriage!..... Both need to give up something to be called a compatible pair! Anyway, we have a mother who loves to be appreciated.... there is nothing wrong in it.... silly is thinking of herself and her mother the best... in all matters!... The first five years of my life was spent on my grandmother's lap.... yet at 47, I feel thinking this way is wrong.... I will not negate it either.... What I can do is share few more excellent creations of her with you all!.... She will feel good though I said grow some vegetables this season.... she agreed! Look at the pictures.... showing off is not so good always.... several times I told her not to keep the floral pots on top of the terrace wall .... its dangerous.... you may get booked for it! Who on earth listens to me!

After sharing her beauties, I feel less guilty now .... ok henceforth I will do less hammering of her! Even I love to be appreciated but the husband is half like our father..... but I do not care much because the other half is like his own father ... So I go for walks, click and have three more PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA with coffee this morning.... done with egg and cornflour.... that is how our mother used to do! Just add an egg, cornflour, chopped onion and green chilli, salt to the boiled noodles and fry in hot oil!

Well, why I had to go for a vegetarian version? To open a pakora shop is not a bad idea.... given I do not know how to make an excel sheet till date!.... I hope this does not get me the tag of saffron skinned.... I cannot be that but I love my brother too much ... the entire family love fries and fritters.... and the little statistics I know revolves around my targetted readers.... With new FaceBook rules.... a struggling food blogger like me is having a harrowing time! Its almost time for Bengali New Year.... and my profile picture shows of an X-mas tree!....... you should be able to feel my concern!.... I need to change it soon! You see I have to do some cover ups for the pakora fed body... haha!..... and I have decided I will not renew the subscription of a specialised gym but use the gym and swimming pool of our Condo! Having 6-7 pakoras within 12 hours and spending dollars on gym does not sound wise!

What was my area of concern on this day.... Compatibility of minds! Ok, on eve of Women's Day I do write a mail to one lady! I do call her and write to her at regular intervals.... scold her too for abandoning every single pleasure of life... why?... see S, he loved this, he loved that! I counter saying you do not stop living for that! To me.... they were a compatible couple... more or less... felt for each other! What do women want from their partner?... few soft words and yes, submission in the home front ....! I send her my selfies.... see the fine lines on my forehead.... the under eye bags, the white streaks! She says or writes back.... S... looks does not matter.... I laugh at that and whisper.... you at 45 and now at 70 are not the same person ..... but I can feel the mother in you... I am a mother to a boy and a big sister to a little brother! Had there been no word called protocol... you and me would have gone out on a tour at least once in this lifetime... I know I am not supposed to or cannot for greater good or interest! I ask instead ... how are your "chanaponas" doing? Its been 6 years now I got the last update on the number of cars one has!.... and I could not find a single mutton picture in Google photo album to be shared today.... I got no other information on the length-breadth of that person's bank balance or property after I said we live in a rented flat and do not own a car!.... That snobby nose since childhood got snobbier I presume and I really did not wish to get people severe cardiac arrest on knowing that finally a year back we both managed a license and a nine year old, second hand four wheeler which I still cannot manage alone.... Ipsita or the husband has to sit beside while I struggle with that "gol chakti".... anything that requires concentration is not my forte! If I have already said it.... then people close, closer, closest should share some herbed baked salmon with salsa, cake topped with white cream and berry compote, tiranga sandwich ..... while I stick to this PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA ..... No, I am not trying to impress people who I stopped considering my friend long back either ..... In general... this blog remains to be a low cost food fare.... given a part of my extended family still lives in thatched-roofed homes.... millions in my country of birth cannot afford that much either! Please do not get irritated if I update my profile picture on a tusser saree tomorrow ... I am thousands of miles far from a Medha Patker or an Arundhati Roy.... by all means! Anyway, let us come back to something I am fairly good at.... desi cooking... This vegetarian fry PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA requires few ingredients like gram flour, rice flour, refined flour, onion, green chillies and cooked noodles! By the way... Bongs or Indians of this island, if you are reading this post... "elephant apple urrf chalta" has arrived in the Asian stores.... if I get some tomorrow... you get to see some shares too soon.... I think I will drop the idea of sharing that winter dal as of now as the vegetables used are not available in India... March onwards!

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Noodle : 3-4small packet
Onion : 1medium[peel, wash, discard the two ends, chop]
Green Chilli : 2[washed, chopped]
Gram Flour : 1/2small cup
Rice Flour : 1/3small cup
Refined Flour : 1/4small cup
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Aamchur Powder : 1tsp[dry mango powder}
Chaat Masala : To sprinkle on the pakoras
Salt : As Required
Oil : 100-150ml to deep fry + few drops
Chaat Masala : To Sprinkle atop the pakoras....


Boil 2 coffee mugs of water in a vessel adding little salt and few drops of oil!

Once it has boiled for 2-3 minutes, switch off gas! Add the noodles.... breaking into halves. Soak for another 2-3 minutes.

Strain and discard the water and keep the noodles that way for 5 minutes.

The chopped onion and green chillies are ready too!

Prepare a batter with the three flours, turmeric and aamchur powder, salt. Add water little by little to form a paste like consistency. Add the chopped onion and green chillies and mix well!

Now add the cooked noodles to the batter and fold in well!

Heat oil in a wok, fry pakoras in your choice of shapes and sizes!

Once brown on both sides, keep on tissue papers for sometime before serving... We enjoyed PEYAZ NOODLES PAKORA with some mayo, mint-tamarind chutney and salad.... choose yours! Oh.... do not forget to sprinkle chaat masala atop before having!


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  2. Crunch. I can hear the crunchy pop. Darn tempting.