Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Ghee, Pistachio, Pineapple Juice, Date Palm Jaggery, Khoya Kheer, Green Cardamom Powder ..... those are what that went  in to prepare this sweet temptation! Why did not I name this "sandesh?".... simply because it is not a sandesh ..... there is no amount of chena / paneer in it! Mithai would have been a better option, then I felt whats in a name? Let us experience heaven with each bite! Yes, I am that shameless diabetic who is at seventh heaven at the sight of "certain" desserts.... The word certain is important here, not all of them attract me.... only the unhealthy, fried ones.... others like a Russian Pavlova gives me the feel of what, what, what? .... as a teen girl's fantasy with, with, with? Well, I do not have a daughter but I have a couple of them around .... I feel so very connected.... They take me back in time to a teen me... I felt today I should call them all at home and treat with this PINEAPPLE JAGGERY SWEET! The son at this home is a heartthrob... "jigar ka tukra".... but he has no time for mumma, to sit with her.... I mean she is allowed to sit at a distance without making any attempt to touch him. I can understand he is not at the age when one may want to kiss and hug old mumma or to go out on a lunch date with her.... but I am pretty sure a teen girl would discuss everything that happened at school for the day, pluck the white lines from momma's forehead and ask her how had life  been so far? What are your regrets, accomplishments, unfulfilled wishes? What story is hidden in those tired eyes with swollen under eye bags? I would have taken her out on a coffee date, the coffee would have been for me and a chicken pie or a cake for her.... finally a heart filling shopping... a variety of clothes.... only if she promise me to wear a shrug over her spaghetti strapped tops.... She would have known then that her mumma is not that much of a liberated soul either ..... a spaghetti strapped top needs a thin shrug and the length of the half pants has to be little longer ..... She would have also known that her mumma would not make her feel back dated.... mumma loves those who carry themselves well! Why I have to get this discussion here today? Oh! I got bored buying same old shirts and trousers, kurtis for the son and his dad! ..... a dad who says if you still treat him like a five year old he will not be friendly, speak to him in his language! It takes me to another home where a son relays every details of his daily routine to his mother, that mother relays to her daughter oblivion of the fact that it is an ISD call.... That woman, who is too proud of her culinary skills has to narrate the daughter how her son's colleagues appreciate the food she sends to her son's office, that "Shiprar Maa" came 15 minutes late for work and so her Gods did not get food in time, the entire home from the terrace to the garden and gate down was not swiped and mopped before her son left for office.... The world does crash down on her head on such days.... the daughter is tired of saying stop all these now.... she is not the one to listen.... She is the follower of the Ramakrishna Order and till date catches the train to Belur or Dakshineshwar at 4am on special occasions!..... From such a home I got married to a home where people wake up at 12pm, perhaps never had seen the beauty of a sunrise unless on a pleasure trip to the Tiger Hills.... After having bed tea at 12-1pm, people got on to me... "maa to kono shikkha diye pathaini"..... your mother has not taught you any manners.... I am a "bad o-men".... I definitely would retaliate saying ... I think your mother also did not.... else you would not have spoken in this manner! So, you see a girl has to adjust a lot in a life time and it is not only men who "outrage the modesty of a girl".... women too! What is this "bad o-men's" message to her daughters? Do no less duty to the surrounding but do not allow anyone have the pleasure to insult you or your parents! No, no I am not trying to impress any prospective Olive Oyl .... be it a fashion diva, a book worm, a singer-dancer or a sports freak!.... Do these teens read my posts?.... My recipes are not health prone.... you must remain healthy, not to attract boys but knowing that obesity it a disease! So, have only one piece of this PINEAPPLE JAGGERY SWEET and play, sing, dance, read, merry.... make sure to stay away from Indian TV soaps.... most of them teach wrong... they teach a woman to accept disrespect with a smile .... respect people who do not deny you of it.... Read classics.... or say a reader's digest instead of Archies.... Though I still cannot forget about... "Aronyodeb".... "Jadukar Mandrake".... "hada bhoda"..... "batul the great"..... but we also read Upendra Kishore or Sailor Sindbaad.... Our son is a car game freak, you should not be .... To parents who say.... "anko te ekshoi-eksho na pele kaan tene chirey debo"..... sorry to say... it is not good parenting! There is no good parenting at this home too.... the father sits with his beer mug and peanuts back from office, the son plays in his computer, the hopeless mother does "ghanta pooja from this food group to that."

What was I doing the last two days? I was following news of the upcoming big, fat wedding.... was thinking where will it take place... in Seychelles Island or in that house that is called one of the wonders of India these days? However, I find the exterior of that house resembling a skeleton with no sense of aesthetic beauty.... but then you see... grapes are sour when you cannot get them! Going back 15 years, Times Of India was such a pleasure every morning that we ceased from showing our loyalty towards Stateman.... Teenhood meant Statesman, Anandabazaar Patrika, "onekta dudhe ektukhani cha, ruti-aloordum, jilipi".... oh! do not expect me to love marie & cream-crackers.... the parents force-fed the sibling duo for 25 long years with hardly any variation! Why that pleasure called Times Of India has to share women in swim suits explaining in details their BMI .... making me so jealous who cannot do anything with her overly thunderous thighs.... how to? This fat, old lady takes a power nap in the gym at times... haha and then goes to the MacDonald opposite for an apple pie.... while the sweat is still on.... However... I enjoy the Times Food shares, save them! To the teens, do not be this sarcastic as this senile woman.... and know that to build a home to make it a place to visit, it requires a lot of hard work! We must take lessons from the incidents around... like saving Times Food recipes and closing my eyes at the girls with perfect BMI.... No wonder the husband will say that his wife measures a woman more than any guy.... Following this trend in me I should have been a poet or a painter... I am none, sigh! I am that mean, jealous who prepares this heavenly, quick, sweet bites PINEAPPLE JAGGERY SWEET and jeopardise your plans to remain slim & trim! I talk such rubbish na? What to do I do not have a train to catch, a bus to board! What is my current read?.... Mircea Elliade's English version of La Nuit Bengali..... almost after 31 years of reading Nahanyate! I always prefer print media... e-books seem difficult to me.... but this site offers you a lot... just discovered few days back! I still do not know it is a must read or not, but you should know the other version of the same story... which incidentally was true..... hence!

Would you please take a look at few of my previously shared recipes? Here they are...



Fresh Pineapple Juice : 1coffee mug
Grated Jaggery : 1/2small cup [I used date-palm jaggery]
Powdered Milk : 1medium cup
Ghee : 3tsp [clarified butter]
Full Fat Milk : 1/2small cup
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Sliced Pistachios or almonds to garnish...


We will use a juicer to get fresh pineapple juice from cubed pineapple chunks. We will grate the jaggery too!

We will take the powdered milk, ghee and full fat milk together in a microwave proof bowl and mix well. Microwave at high for 2 minutes, stirring in between.

The main ingredients are ready at the kitchen counter!

Heat a wok on gas stove and pour the pineapple juice. Bring it to boil and let it boil for 3-4 minutes at low to medium heat!

Add the grated jaggery!

Mix the jaggery and pineapple juice very well and let boil. Discard the scum from top if any.

Once the mixture get sticky.... but not much.... we will add the green cardamom powder and instantly made solidified milk / khoya.

Fold in well and constantly stir for 3-4 minutes, switch off. Overcooking it may get you irresistible candies!

Transfer to a plate and let cook a bit, so that we do not burn our precious palms!

We will shape the sweets while the mixture is still warm.

We will have them fresh, they are a bit of a chewy texture, not soft. Refrigerate if you may but bring to the normal temperature before consuming. If you are aspiring for a bikini body, stay off... its a poison for you!