Thursday, 1 March 2018


Such a horrible plating na?.... My dear readers must be thinking that the props are not coordinating at all... at least I felt so... I cannot buy some unless the husband gets me a new crockery unit customised to fit in our 1150 sq.ft. already crowded space.... You must consider.... I am no more a girl friend but a wife now .... that too a jobless, fat, old one .... gifts do not pour in as often! Ideally, I do not like a home dumped with furnitures.... I have grown up reading that Bengali magazine Sananda .... following its food shares and home decor ideas. Many years back, I saw few pictures of Shabana Azmi's parental home .... Kaifi Azmi & Shaukat Kaifi .... oh what an ethnic beauty!.... You really do not need lots of money to do up your interiors! Then, the husband and me have to disagree in almost all matters except for the wish of either building a school for the needy or running a low cost guest house @ Puri post retirement! If I prefer a "takia / chouki" with cushions and "chowpayas" and "beter mora"for the drawing room.... he prefers a leather sofa.... If I say smaller size bedrooms need not have beds with back rests but very low height "choukis" with a bed spread bought from Mrignayani or Boyonika or Manipur Handloom & Handicrafts stores .... he will not agree! According to him... all the ants in this home comes from the very few plants I have in that small piece of ledge... not even a balcony is that... ok! To my fellow Indians.... buy your stuffs from the cottage emporiums.... they are dying because of our negligence.... play holi / dol with natural / organic colours! Take the example of my neighbourhood Uttarapan back in Kolkata... the bunch of Government Emporiums are unable to compete with the malls! I always love ethnic wear and wish to buy only handloom! Oh yes.... I am a proud North Kolkatan, now East? and the entire area from Dum Dum-Chiriamore-Nagerbazaar-Dunlop to Laketown-Ultodanga is my "para"... neighbourhood! Even eight years back people saw me and Kana watching movie at Jaya.... as a child I saw the neighbourhood movie buff aunties walked past the Patipukur rail bridge to Jaya.... God! its a multiplex now! My favourite medium of transport is train and auto rickshaw..... So you know I cannot be in a hugging position naturally with people to whom Kolkata means only Ballygung to Tallygung.... who feels ashamed to take pride in the place they belonged to once! Even if people find otherwise that I am attempting at any kind of "forced connection"... trust me ..... it is unconsciously ...  because of lack of actual facts and informations..... I do have one medium of connection who does not equip me with necessary informations and I hate using people to feed my interests.... haha!

Coming to Holi Celebrations, there is no such things at this home... only this mumma may put some on her younger son... Balgopal and the elder one may not get any fish or meat on his plate tomorrow..... but similar kinds of this SPICY OATS MINI POROTA & OATS-MANGO HALWA! I always admit.... I am a conglomerate of influences of varied kinds of people.... who are indispensable in my life .... may be so certain match games happen even after "snobby nose" shows full of humiliation!... You can blame it on my lack of self pride!  I am actually what you see below... a bowl of rice with little butter, chopped green chilli and salt is the medicine for my "gas... ambal... gola...buk jwala".... believe me whenever I have acidity... a bowlful of the below comes for my rescue and I am cured within an hour!

Why did I say so? To echo Rujuta Diwekar.... eat locally grown food! An Indian living in India need not buy quinoa or oats for a fitter them.... you have dalia, suji, khoi, muri, chirey for the same. For non-resident Indians.... ok... they may need to travel few more kilometres to get desi stuffs and have no other way but to think global and be a part of the mainstream! I got a big jar of oats for guilt free mornings... then I saw oats with yogurt and fruits is a torture on me... Tongue is a very important part of my body... it should be kept happy... Till date my most favourite breakfast is "gorom dhoya otha bhaat, tatka begun bhaja, ghee / makhon, kancha lanka, noon".... wish I had the liberty to have it!  Please do not come to me with avocado.... would you like it if I prepare a paste of it with "shorshe-narkol-posto-kanchalanka" and drizzle some "shorsher tel" atop? You will not! I do not want to go further with it.... my dear friend .... glam doll Bianca may get very upset.... but she should know banana and apple is a regular affair at our homes, they are never foreign to me / us given the best variety comes from our very own paradise .... Shimla and Kashmir! I am poor in Geography too and do not know who belongs to whom .... I remember the conversations of the father with the locals there back in 1987.... I only know it is a conscious and deliberate decision not to solve the dispute ever! I only believe that the colour of blood is red always and it is a mother who is able to give birth everywhere, not a devil!.... Rest, we are product of circumstances! I love this workaholic island which ensures us peace.... well you may call me an escapist.... I will still say I love it, even more when I discover this just outside our back door.... "kasuri methi" in a local shop... haha!

So you see.... even my Holi share like this SPICY OATS MINI POROTA & OATS- MANGO HALWA has to have a touch of this island.... say it is with Thai Honey Mango this time!

I do not call myself innovative enough.... I may have come across similar recipes which were caught in my radar! I did not browse Google yesterday either.... I thought let me see how it comes out. The husband is due tonight... it does not feel good at all to try hands on something new without the husband who loves any kind of desi breads and halwa.... the son has to be force feed halwa calling it pudding and he is simply happy with his meat curries and fries.... fish or any. I wonder where actually the monkey belong! So, you see I had all of the two glasses of lebu cha / lemon tea yesterday evening. It was stress free cooking the platter of SPICY OATS MINI POROTA & OATS-MANGO HALWA. You will not get the dough with oats powder as same texture as of with atta / maida! So I had to use that cap to get perfect round shapes.... it was all worth because they were very tasty... more like khakhra .... but it cannot be stored... try to have it fresh! As of the halwa... I will always suggest to use some fresh fruits to your halwa making process .... be it pineapple, strawberry or our family favourite mango... This time I did not use any artificial colour.... people are already smeared with colours!

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INGREDIENTS : [for the oats porota /paratha]

Powdered Oats : 2 coffee mug
Refined Flour : 1small cup
Semolina : 1/2small cup
Red Chilli Powder : 11/2tsp
Cumin Powder : 1tsp
Coriander Powder : 1tsp
Aamchur Powder : 1tsp
Salt : 1/2tsp
Ghee / Clarified Butter : 2tbsp+1tsp for each mini porota

INGREDIENTS : [for the mango halwa]

Powdered Oats : 1coffee mug
Mango : 2 standard sized [I used Thai Honey]
Sugar : 1/2small cup
Green Cardamom : 2-3
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/4tsp
Bayleaf : 1
Ghee : 4-5tbsp
Chopped Pistachios.... Cashew nuts.... Coconut Flakes.... Almonds and  Raisins to mix and garnish!


Take the dry fruits in a bowl and then microwave at low for a minute stirring in between. Take in a hand pounder and grind roughly or chop. Soak the raisins in water.... all to be used later in the halwa.

Let us grind the oats required for both the items first. Below is how it looks! We will separate two coffee mugs of it, take in a bowl and add the refined flour, semolina, spice powders, ghee, salt to it.

We will rub the entire mixture for about 2 minutes!

Add warm water little by little to form a dough. Do not worry, the dough will not be soft, I meant if you want predominance of oats powder in it! Cover the dough for half an hour!

Let us prepare the Oats-Mango Halwa now!

Wash and peel the mangoes and get a paste out of them discarding the seeds. If you have a garden... sow the seed and wait for 7-10 years.

Heat oil in a wok and temper with green cardamoms and bay leaf!

Add the oats powder and stir quite for sometime till it is roasted well.

Once done add the sugar and fold in well. Stir for 2 minutes or so.

Add the mango paste and green cardamom powder now and fold in well.

Cook for 2-3 minutes until the entire mixture gets semi-dry. Add half of the chopped dry fruits.

Mix well and take down .... Transfer to a serving bowl.... top with the rest of the chopped dry fruits!

Uncover the dough and knead for 2-3 minutes again... adding little warm water if required!

Tear of small portions to prepare balls. Dust the surface with refined floor. Make roundels with help of a rolling pin. Press a cap of a jar on it for perfect round shapes. I am not an expert with oats, hence this way... the taste is guaranteed!

Heat a tawa pan on gas stove! Carefully and gently place the porota just in the middle! Cook 30 seconds or so on both sides. Add one tsp ghee and cook until the tops are light brown. Take down.

Enjoy the combined platter of SPICY OATS MINI POROTA & OATS-MANGO HALWA fresh and hot and do not forget some tea alongside.... for us it was green tea with lemon!