Monday, 28 May 2018


The best thing about a Thepla is that we need not keep any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish by the side.... we can just have it with a yogurt based chutney, some salad and pickle.... The "transformed" me do love it! You will see me having it solo or even with a "gathi kochur dalna"... arbi veggie... not required but no harm having either! Nonetheless to say, my men are "bread" lovers of any kind! I eat everything these days from thepla to rasam vada to this island's signature dish.... chicken rice! Then you can see I sit on the stationery bike and go as slow as possible!Take it from me it does not help.... I will never advice anyone to be as lazy and insincere as me. If you cannot go without carb, have it once a day and in less amount... exercise enough! The biggest concern of my parents about me was my obesity .... both parents were into sports including their son.... The father tried everything on me .... yoga to jogging to cycling.... In his mission to teach me cycling... he fell sick... I did not learn! I attended Ironman Monotosh Roy's yoga classes too.... amazing bodywork he had.... what skills! This girl never could stick to any form of exercise.... else yoga is the best gift you can give to your mind and body.... While the brother went for swimming classes, cricket classes in the evening escorted by his mother, the elder sister waited for them in the evening back from school.... she always "maintained" a good girl image which she may not be.... so she quietly had the food Mani plated for her before going... then sat on the balcony with her story books... Till the sunset she would be there... then she would get into all adventures... spoiling one container full of "chirey".... flattened rice to prepare "chirer pulao" or 500gm suji / semolina for a halwa! In return I got no appreciation from the mother but scolding for messing up her kitchen.... It was the daddy who shielded me and forced himself to eat a "jeopardised" upma leaving aside his favourite "aam-kola-dudh-muri-chirey." After all these drama, around 8pm I sat with some text books... just when all the "fuchka walas" to "ghugni walas" had to visit the neighbourhood.... Then it was the "khusbu" coming from our kitchen.... its almost 10pm... dinner time.... Food to me is always more attractive than learning a theorem... that took me here... "kuch kam ka nehi".... Look at the flowering plant... I just click them not knowing how to or at what angle... look below... what are those round leaves?... they are look alike watercress... can they be our "thankuni pata?" was what haunted me! I could not get the English name of it which grows in abundance without any care... makes for wonderful pakoras or is added to a light mixed vegetable curry what we call "shukto" when we had / have stomach upset! Bengalis usually have a weak digestive system... yet they have to have everything.... from biryani to "bhaja bhuji" to "rosha kosha".... You see, its a Monday evening and my "kochur shak" is cut and put for boil. Tomorrow I will sit at the son's school... may enjoy some dosa along with the friend.... Blogging is not meeting any target but I love sharing my thoughts and the food we eat at home! Our guest today is a Thepla... the original one is on the drier side! My METHI CARROT THEPLA has a boiled potato in it! Carrot is not a natural love for this family... unless it is a "gajar halwa" or a "gajar barfi".... Since childhood, all my eye surgeons had told the mother to feed me carrots for a better eyesight.... she in turn tried to convince me.... "look at the Punjabis mamoni... they eat raw carrot and radish... so most of them do not wear glasses".... mamoni gets more busy deboning a "charapona" at a tender age of 8.... waiting eagerly for the weekend to have "ghee shambar pathar jhol".... #Memories are beautiful and I do not go to anyone's door with it! So, I hate it when "shallow" minds make a mockery of it!.... I take five minutes to disconnect from people who hurt me or those who do not match my mental needs.... how much they try.... I will not be the same again.... "ghar tyara".... When do I blog on Ilisher Matha Diye Kochur Shaak?.... some day and that day there will be a mutton dish too by the side for my boy!

I remember I had thepla in Mumbai.... years before that I may have had it at school from the non-Bengali speaking friends... to be precise from the one named Jaya Gupta.... I remember this girl fed me amazing poha and bread upma! Her life story is not less than a Bollywood script. Coming from an authoritarian family.... she was forcefully married off at age 16.... just few months after our 10th board examination... She was sad.... me too was! Then we lost contacts and now when we got to see each other nearly after  25 years.... she is a mother of a married, professional daughter and a son who is on his feet too.... Thank God her professor husband helped her to continue with her studies.... She told me she did her studies alongside her kids.... and now she is a managerial head in an Automobile Company perhaps... She stays in Pune, the husband in Gujarat, the son in Delhi may be, daughter perhaps in Mumbai... she made it!... Thinking of these people I go ahead with vegetarian shares often.... A "thorer ghonto" was on my mind at first, but then I changed my mind... I do not cross boundaries .... people know what or who I respect or what or who I do not! I do not play "selfie"games in social media everyday either, people have so much time! .... Lets try to do a little bit for everyone around! This METHI CARROT THEPLA should cater to the taste buds of majority.... If Bianca and her likes can have tortilla, a thepla should be fine with some salad and the awesomely fresh chutney made with plain yogurt, mint leaves, coriander leaves and garlic. METHI CARROT THEPLA is an Indian, vegetarian flat bread.... not Bengali... so what? I have to learn and take hold over few more things that our mother never did.... No, I am not showing off... why should I? Can I perfect a Roti Jala or an Afgani Naan? The Thepla in my kitchen may not be so authentic, I added "bhaja mosholar guro" in the dough 😀!

Do take a look at my KANCHAKOLAR KOFTA CURRY with an updated picture... do it too, you will love!





Dry roast the cumin seeds, coriander seeds, dry red chillies for 2 minutes at low heat. Let cool and grind to a powder.

Take the two flours, the boiled potato, the pre washed fenugreek leaves and grated carrot, the dry roasted ground spices, turmeric powder, salt in a wide mouthed bowl.

Mix well the mixture and add water little by little. Prepare a dough kneading it well for 10 minutes.

Add 2tbsp ghee and knead further for 5 minutes. Cover with a moist cloth for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, remove cover and knead again for few minutes. Tear out small portion and roll out round shaped parathas.

Cook both sides of the paratha till light brown and then cook each in 1tsp of ghee.

We, at this home enjoy them fresh with pickle, chutney and salad! The chutney on that day was made of plain yogurt, mint and coriander leaves, garlic clove and black salt.


  1. This roti will keep my other half-half happy though I can't speak for myself.

    1. Thanks so much Navaneetham... Oh my men love too much... steamed rice if it is a meat curry or their choice of fish... else pulao or fried rice... I had the feeling u do not fancy breads..