Thursday, 7 June 2018


 Sweets and Desserts are always on making at this home and it never can happen that I will not taste them.... The result is that junior Chang got worried and increased my dose while his father.... my favourite Old Doctor Chang is tensed why my medicinal dose was increased... can anything be done to alter it? I urged "let it be doctor.... I can at least eat something.... else I have to cut off my tongue!" The senior of the two doctors is totally old school and hates too much dependence on medicine, he wants me to eat too.... he himself is too fond of South Asian food, besides his own cuisine!.... To go by his wishes what do I have to do? I need all six days of exercise.... walking and weight training.... That does not happen in my life... therein lies all the problems.... When it is time to go for an exercise, I feel like doing some cooking.... like yesterday when the time was perfect to go for some constructive exercise, I sat with "bori".... dal vadi.... sun dried lentil balls making session! Actually, it was in plan since morning.... before going to the son's school I soaked the dal.... came back and did the rest... If rain does not become a spoiler.... they should be on the blog in another 15-20 days. Last year's stuffed chilli pickle is due till date, I so much wish to blog on it. My readers will laugh at me to know that some of the earlier food pictures I may have to delete... why? I clicked them months back, they may not be authentic Bengali or of any place.... I did not click the steps and now only remember the main ingredients and not the entire recipe­čśů... Those who know me already, they will not be surprised! After I was done with the "bori"... the idea of an instant sweet popped up... I took no time to do this INSTANT ROSE FLAVOURED SANDESH.... I have some guests due, I start cooking one or two days prior! Usually, I keep two dessert options for guests.... hopefully to manage another one tomorrow.... There will be two starters with a salad... a seven items main meal including the chutney! My friends are not coming to me for food but I love that little bit of appreciation.... As I always say, there has to be something, at least one thing in us that we can take pride of... It is required specially when your credibility had been questioned, if so you must love yourself a bit more... haha... I wish... I wish.... I wish I had given it a serious thought earlier and be a lot more sincere with life... Then, there has to be some to sit at home and give big talks! Well, she does not talk big only, she is here to share such a quick fix sweet for you.... there is always a Rose Syrup, milk powder, paneer, ghee at home... so why not an INSTANT ROSE FLAVOURED SANDESH? Both the 'bori' and the 'sandesh' requires  good use of your palm... specially the lentil balls.... beating the paste for about 20-25 minutes... the right arm is paining now.... did I ever care about a pain except for those injections?... For Bori / dal vadi we need to beat the lentil paste clockwise for quite sometime... the paste needs to be light just as in dahi vada or our rosh bora... 

This INSTANT ROSE FLAVOURED SANDESH is really hassle free except for the kneading part... that too is a 10 minutes affair. All the pain is worth when you see smiles around! Besides these, I had some photo session with the watermelon popsicles.... you get to see when you click the heading / link! I got tired and the men had to have "kena porota".... the guilt will be on until I pack the lunch box with "ruti, kumror chokka and sandesh" tomorrow morning... When I enjoy at home, the skeletal structure sweats outdoor... he never asks for anything ... he deserves this little bit! Anyway, every now and then we are craving for coolers or something light on the stomach.... I sit and think about those who may be having their food once in a day for specific number of days, its tough!... Then there are anniversaries, birthdays, me day, humtum day and yes "miracle" days too.... I feel both happy and concerned.... My concerns do not revolve around familial people only, I am not a robot. So, sharing a sweet recipe as yum as this INSTANT ROSE FLAVOURED SANDESH for all! I did not even prepare the paneer at home, just used a store bought one! The idea was instant and the action too thereafter! From scratch to the end, everything was done within an hour... for a sudden guest or for the people around... a little pain in the right palm is worth it! You may have seen me using instant mawa a lot, try it and you will not buy it anymore!

For the Watermelon Popsicles that I blogged on last year, below is the link.... just click the link for the recipe, excellent for hydration! ....


Milk Powder : 1coffee mug
Full Cream Milk : 1/2medium cup
Ghee : 11/2tbsp
Sugar : 2tbsp
Concentrated Rose Syrup : 11/2tbsp
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Paneer : 100-150gm [cottage cheese / chena]
Chopped Pistachio to garnish

Good amount of love as a final touch...haha!


Take the full cream milk, powdered milk, sugar, green cardamom powder and ghee in a wide mouthed bowl. Mix together everything very well.

Add the rose syrup and mix together well again.

Place the bowl in the microwave and microwave at high for 1 minute. Pause and stir with a spoon. Microwave at high for one more minute. Take out. We are ready with the base of the sandesh.

Transfer the content to a plate and add the paneer to it crumbling the later roughly.

Now sit at your favourite corner and start kneading with your right hand palm. We will do it for 10-14 minutes to get everything mix together well. 

The dough will not remain sticky once kneaded well. Now we can shape the sandesh as we wish. I keep the moulds for rest and go for the easiest shapes. Our Cristine helps at the shaping stage always!

Garnish with almonds or pistachios before serving. It tastes best when fresh... but this home has to refrigerate it for the lunch boxes and has to depend on peoples' mood before serving.... people have other interesting things to have like beer, wine, nuts, cigars..... Moreover, they "visit" home... hardly "stay".... You are not us, you are good homes.... you will refrigerate the INSTANT ROSE FLAVOURED SANDESH for an hour and have it!


  1. Love these instant Sandesh, I sometimes prepare only with vanilla flavour....

    1. Thank you Amrita... it was truly a pleasure doing it...