Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Looking at the heat outside I crave for two things.... rain and coolers... of various kinds. I feel various fruit popsicles are the best way to keep us hydrated and give us a cool feel sitting in a tropical weather. Besides, its a very tricky way of feeding fruits to the kids at home. It is altogether a feel good factor when we see our kids happily having them.

Back then in our childhood, we called them kathi[stick] ice-cream. We as kids were so acquainted with the approaching sound of the wheeled carts. Inside the box were so many colourful and flavourful "kathi" ice creams lying on a bed of ice cubes. To us it was a pandora box. In those days the school gates were flocked with all sorts of vendors.... ice-cream seller, pickle seller, panipuri seller in the afternoon. We were devoid of this pleasure as our school was within the periphery of a protected area where such vendors were denied access..... Once we were at the road and till we reached home... only one sentence I uttered.... Mani.... get me one.... the inevitable answer was....'they are made with dirty water'. In our very very middle class household there was no refrigerator till I was in eigth standard. Hence, she could not promise of a home made one. So once in a while she had to give in, else ice cream meant only Kwality Ice-cream 2-3 times a month.

I really do not know what gave me/us more pleasure, its cooling effect or the colour it painted on our lips and tongue. I just know I loved them to the extent that I even wished to marry an ice-cream seller or a "ghugniwala". Perhaps so no guys came near me in fear of selling ice-creams or living with a silly-mad romantic under one roof for life. Hahaha.... jokes are but jokes.... I love making up stories, people who take the pain of viewing my blog, deserve some relief.... comic or otherwise.

Meanwhile, the wiser person at home who was destined to live with an insane woman says her mental age is same as was 25 years back. The undaunted lady of the house holds tight the popsicle on her left hand, sucks it and yes reads Jhumpa Lahiri at the same time. She is happy in her own world, which is small and weird. Since she did not marry a popsicle seller, she keeps on making popsicles for herself and her teen boyfriend.... with whom she is in a 'living in relationship'... until a young lady comes and snatches him away.

I prepared these WATERMELON POPSICLES with 3-4 ingredients and trust me the entire process was too quick leaving the freezing period. Do not worry if you are not having popsicle moulds, do it using plastic glasses and ice-cream sticks. I have moulds but I find the plastic glasses easier. Let us see how we do it.

Watermelon[big] : 1/4
Lemon Juice : 1tbsp
Ginger Juice : 1tsp
Sugar : 2tsp

Wash, de seed and scoop the watermelon.

Put the watermelon pieces , sugar, lemon and ginger juice in a juicer or in a blender not used for blending spices.

Blend for 2-3 minutes at intervals. Pour on to a vessel.

Strain the entire content and store in another vessel.

Pour into the plastic glasses and freeze for 2 hours.

After two hours take them out. Insert sticks, I cut half kebab skewers and use.

Freeze again for 5-6 hours, by then they should be ready to serve.

Enjoy, revisit your childhood anytime!!