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Aww there comes a phase in my life from time to time when I get lazier from an already lazy brat. I cook simple and easy.... else who would believe that I have not prepared a "shingara / samosa" in the last six months or a "patishapta / sweet crepe" in the recent past! The later will happen soon as Janmashtami is approaching near. On one such lethargic evening this platter of BENGALI ROASTED EGGPLANT MASH & PEANUT MINT CHUTNEY happened that was served with  methi / fenugreek paratha / flatbread! You can make out from the pictures that I was not so particular about the shapes and look of the parathas either! I was not happy with the photo shoot altogether, never thought of blogging on a "begun pora makha"...... Yesterday evening I felt like ok let me go ahead with this platter next .... people far off should know about our style of "baba ganoush"! This Bengali home prepares more of the Northern Indian "baingan bharta" than "begun pora makha"... because the husband is fond of egg plants but a bit allergic to it. He can have only when I cook it for a longer period! However, "begun pora makha" once in a while does not cause much of itching in him. To avoid this situation I try to select egg plant varieties with lesser seeds in them. For this particular dish,  the big, fleshy purple or the big, round, fleshy green ones are always the best! So, I scrolled for this not so much of a favourite picture yesterday evening! Wishing to be open to my readers always I must declare that I discovered the search option in Google photos when I am two years away from 48! Honesty does not pay us much these days but I also wished to share the below photos with my readers to let them know that I do a little amount of editing with my food photos these days! There is no harm. With the absence of natural light most of the time, lack of knowledge on photography, use of smart phone instead of a DSLR.... most of the time my food clicks do not seem what their colour actually is.... so I edit a little bit to make it look a bit better or as the original most of the time! This declaration may prove suicidal for me..... may be.... but I do not care.... I know my dishes taste well... else I will not blog on it! Those who have faith in me will not leave me.... this is true in all cases and at all times. Likewise you know a silly woman uploaded a few pictures of mine in Facebook where all my greys are visible.... I did not get angry.... I did not even bother about my looks during the prime period of my life. I never felt the urge to present myself as something I am not... if you find me worthy enough to be yours.... you will hold me tight and never leave! By the way, a castor oil massage on the head is getting me new hairs but all white.... haha!
Take a look at my 'badhakopir ghonto" picture that I updated recently with "little" amount of editing.... you cannot do much with a hand phone!

For a BENGALI ROASTED EGGPLANT MASH & PEANUT MINT CHUTNEY served with methi paratha, we do not have to sweat at all. If the eggplant is of good quality and fresh it takes few minutes to get roasted and the rest is assortment! The chutney too required assorting and to be done at one go. For the parathas just chop the leaves, wash mix together with other ingredients, roll out and do! Only the salad bowl is missing in the picture.... Cristine and ma'am surely had some.... there also had a meat dish for the rebels in all probability! I do love meat if its mutton..... chicken I am trying not to quit altogether .... I do grill them and have with salads for my lunches. When I go out for lunches in the vicinity I do make some love with fish. Then why cannot I reduce my weight? My exercise regime is not proportionate with my calorie intake. If not in a beast mode, we must push ourselves a bit which I do not.... no pain .... no gain. You are wise people .... you will do some strength trainings and eat clean!

I am not in a position to give much lecture on food and nutrition! What I conclude is that this platter of BENGALI ROASTED EGGPLANT MASH & PEANUT MINT CHUTNEY requires very less ingredients with minimal sweat, its healthy! We will chop some tomatoes, onion, green chillies and mix well with the mashed roasted eggplant. Then we will take all the ingredients of the chutney / condiment in a blender and blend for few minutes.... serve fresh. I missed to add the chopped coriander leaves to the eggplant mash, you must!

My vegetarian dish with cabbage, potato, peanut and tomato / "badhakopir ghonto" recipe gets updated with new pictures.... do have a look clicking the heading / link below! We enjoy it with both steamed rice & chapati!


INGREDIENTS : [for the roasted eggplant mash]

Eggplant : 1big, fat, purple variety
Tomato : 1medium [wash, chop roughly]
Onion : 1medium [peel, wash, chop]
Green Chilli : 2 [chopped, washed]
Fresh Coriander leaves : 2tbsp {chopped, washed] [I missed but you must add]
Salt : As Required
Lemon Juice : 1tbsp
Mustard Oil [authentically] : 1tbsp + 2-3 drops

INGREDIENTS : [for the peanut-mint chutney]

Fresh Mint Leaves : 10-12 [washed]
Roasted Peanut : 2tbsp
Roasted Sesame Seed : 1tsp
Chopped Tomato : 1tbsp [washed]
Green Chilli : 1[washed]
Chopped Onion : 11/2tsp [washed]
Black Salt : As Required
Lemon Juice : 11/2tsp


Let us prepare the peanut-mint chutney first!

Take all the ingredients mentioned under the label "peanut mint chutney" in a blender! Blend at high for 2-3 minutes with a pause after every one minute! 

We are done! Transfer to a bowl ready to be served!

For the "begun pora makha" / Bengali Roasted Eggplant mash / Bhuna hua baingan mishran, we will wash and pat dry the eggplant..... always choose the big, fleshy variety!

Rub the eggplant with 2-3 drops of oil and roast all the sides very well on stove top! Use tongs for this else you burn your palms.

Switch off gas burner and let it cool. 

Clear off the skin and the stem end.

Mash with your right palm well, discarding the water that has been released.

Add rest of the ingredients.... chopped tomato, green chillies, onion, coriander leaves, salt and oil, fold in well. 

It has to be enjoyed fresh! We usually have it with steamed rice.... this family like having it with flatbreads too like this methi paratha!

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