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Life goes through a rough patch during this period every year.... ask me why? It is particularly during this period that mango and hilsa get scarce in the market or not seen at all. A two months of void is created in few lives, me been one..... haha! Definitely we do not get the best quality Hilsa here, I hear better quality of Bengali raw materials are supplied to the Asian shops in Europe and the "bahargaon".... I did not find shad to be a near alternative to Hilsa, decided not to have it anytime soon. Prawns, Salmon, Snappers seem better to consume, men are happy... that gives me pleasure! I have come to a settlement.... on days when I cook the men's favourite pomfret with lots of garlic, onion and tomato, I would get a fresh smaller sized Rohu from the Indian wet market on a Saturday morning and cook fresh a "maacher tetul tok" or I do not mind a pure vegetarian fair if the veggies are raw jackfruit, banana flower blossom, eggplant, potato, yam and the choice is yet more! Else I will cook mixed veggies with bits of dried fish when I do a chicken curry to see happy faces around! Food  preference is not a big issue that cannot be solved, people live together with unmatched souls for life. A precious note to them.... if you believe in the almighty... know that he does not believe in tying the knot between matched partners... may be there is no thrill in that.... like poles have possibilities to repel! Life is a game of gymnastics... the more you balance, more successful is your relationship.... you must learn the art of detecting your own faults instead of accusing your partner... no one is perfect in this world. Whoever tries to complain me on this matter, I never entertain, will not.... one cannot be flawless.... I have no interest in knowing what goes in at people's home.... I have to prepare these MASALA NIMKI for the family and for my readers. The silly nut in me has to have these oats cookies with loads of sugar with her sugar free tea / coffee! She realised just few minutes back that oats is best eaten as a main and not in a biscuit, she calls Cristine and asks her to take the remaining cookies for her friends on Sunday! I had never been a sweet tooth kind of a person, I do not know why I started having them once diagnosed with diabetes.... so I had to have a bowlful of "chirey bhaja" for a sizzling sensation in the tongue. The western world is a friend when it comes to "cakes and desserts".... After a brisk walk I would have a ".... flurry" or "strawberry sunday".... getting all my sweat drowned in the swimming pool, then cry as to why I cannot get an inch lost from the waist and arms. I try to be happy watching my homegrown orchids swimming around! I do not like tearing them but has to at times. Then I get lost in thoughts that makes me happy.... I own my soul and I do not allow anyone to dictate it. In between preparing this yummy, Indian deep fried snacks does happen.... I love my family!

I call this savoury snack MASALA NIMKI and not "moshola nimki" because an authentic Bengali nimki recipe will not have ground spices in them. I already have the recipe of the basic Bengali nimki recipe up on blog, I tried this one with roasted, ground spices. So, MASALA NIMKI does not remain purely Bengali in essence but becomes INDIAN.... which the world too can enjoy discarding the readymade packets of chips and snacks. I will definitely not call homemade deep fried snacks as healthy but you are using fresh ingredients... good quality ghee, refined flour, freshly ground spices. We are not having it on a regular basis, so do not feel guilty to have it once in two months. It does take some time to prepare this soul satisfying savoury snacks at home! What we get at the end is an aromatic and yummy teatime snacks. Lightly fry some curry leaves and add to the container of MASALA NIMKI .... and the flavour is awesome! While doing it do not forget to sing along "dhadkan  jara ruk gayi hai, kahi zindegi bah rahi hai".... this song has two of a couple of favourite Mumbaites in it.... Suresh Wadkar... I loved / still love maximum of his numbers... and Madam M.... her million dollar smile still rules over me.... I strongly believe that not even 1/10th of her acting prowess was explored during her reign.... she was underused in all the wrong films... of the very few "good" movies she did, the movie which has this song is one. Do watch it while enjoying this lip smacking snacks with your favourite style of tea / coffee! Its a very dear college friend's birthday today, she will enjoy this platter I know, if not her country of stay! Eager to meet the old pals come December. Last met a Nupur Datta at age 26-27, now her son is doing his 1st year of Engineering at Chennai... time flies truly!

For the very authentic Bengali Nimki recipe, click the link below...





Dry roast all the spices and the dry red chillies on a pan for a minute. Transfer to a bowl. Once cool, dry grind them. I think I have roasted a little more this time, so be careful.

Take the flour, baking soda, salt, spice powder, ghee in a wide mouthed big bowl. 

Fold in and keep rubbing for 2-3 minutes.

Add water little by little, keep kneading until a soft and smooth dough is formed. This will take some 10-12 minutes.

Cover the dough with a moist, clean piece of cloth for 15-20 minutes.

Open cover, knead the dough for another 2 minutes. Tear out portions in size of a lawn tennis ball and smoothen between your palms.

Dust your rolling base with refined flour. With help of the rolling pin, roll out round shaped parathas.

Take a butter knife and make slits lengthwise with a 1 or 2 inch gaps.

Cut each strips further into diamond shapes. You will do better shapes than me, I am very poor in fine artistry! Dust a plate and keep the nimkis in it. Newspapers are best for it.

Heat the oil in a wok. Fry the nimkis in batches till light brown. Never heat the oil to smoking point in this dish.

Transfer onto tissue papers. Cristine definitely helps me all through.

I tore some home grown curry leaves, fried lightly and added to the container.

Enjoy this crispy, savoury snacks with your evening tea / coffee!

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