Monday, 5 November 2018


Yours Truly had a very busy Sunday.... nope her husband did not take her for a Dhanteras shopping to Malabar Gold or Jayallukas or to our most trusted MC.... he says Dhanteras is a hype promoted by the Jewellery Lines of India.... You all know how much I hate arguing... so I do not counter most of the time. Instead, I find out something that can keep me happily engaged! With our Cristine gone home for a holiday, getting engaged is not an issue... I have piles of work to be done once I share this yummy, Bengali / Indian snack GOJA NIMKI for my loving readers. Yesterday, I was buying small stuffs for our home.... new bed spreads, even a dustbin.... I was cleaning our home, I could not take the picture of the washroom basins.... well I can get a job of training the helps on how to spring clean homes. Come on, I should have something to be proud of! My palms are itching, got dry but the squeaky clean corners are making me feel good.... Mind it, it is a thankless job, specially if people around are not bothered about these trivial issues.... However, I am thankful.... people did make me a cup of tea yesterday and gosh! hanged the clothes too..... when I was away from home to buy these cute little things. They may be as simple as a toothpick holder, cushion covers, candle stand but they are making me very happy. Well, the fear of cleaning the home, washing the utensils is there. I got so allured watching the Mehendi applying session in a parlour yesterday evening, no point going for it with the absence of Cristine from life... I just came across the video recording of Chandrabindu's very recent show in some other country.... Chandril rightly said that India has "Malatir Maa" to get us pampered which we do not get abroad whenever we want them.... because they are a necessity for us, the plight of the "Malatir Maa" class will never improve.... our friends there have 3-4 helps coming everyday... oh! It is also true that I do not wish to go back at the earliest! Chandril still remains to be as witty and satirical as he had been when he used to visit our college fest Caledonia some 30 years back. The Scottish Church College filled my empty heart with joy, laughter at a time when I needed it. There also was a Brabournite Usashi who used to visit us.... she performed alone... what a modulated voice, what a spirit she had... Anyway, below are my latest buys... small things make me happy and yes nice gestures too! I clicked them as a 5 year old does .... I hardly know photography.... those who are excellent at it.... Instagram is the right place to showcase their talents.... doing so they get to mingle with people having similar interests..... that is definitely a learning experience! Good Associations enrich life.... I can give you few good examples of it.... but we may not have the liberty to take all names in public!

No, these are not really my kind of things, I will not spend on a rented home or wish to decor it. What kind of decor do you like S? Just as is the 'Hathkargha' home as we see in Instagram or is the home decor of "PreeOccupied" a Face Book page I follow .... Nope, they are not my friends, I never strike a deal with anyone.... whatever catches my eyes do I stop by and gently give a pat... then move ahead! Let us talk Diwali.... it calls for some sweets & snacks.... This time I preferred to cook and share a little salty, little sweet snack GOJA NIMKI.... Preparing a goja was my initial plan but at this home I am the only 'goja' lover.... the kind of fried sweet they prefer is 'gulab jamun'. So, call it an improvisation or not, I landed into something in between a 'nimki and kotkoti biskut'..... The outcome was good, our Cristine loved it so much that I asked her to take the full container for her family there. If you follow the stepwise pictures, you will see that this wonder snack GOJA NIMKI requires very few things to be done.... refined flour, clarified butter or ghee, nigella seeds, sugar, salt, baking powder & soda, oil.... thats it! Make it your teatime pleasure... you can thank me later! While having this snack with tea or coffee, do browse my sister like ex- colleague's blog @ .... I like few of these girls who carry their dresses pretty well and oh! so decently..... but I am more fond of her elder one.... who I met some few years back.... sitting quietly at the corner of the first bench.... she is a quiet, voracious reader, a good student .... a reflection of a girl I last met at our school gate few decades back sans the intelligence.... haha! As of Priti's very short anecdotes .... "I do not take the liberty" to press the like button.... but I follow, I read them! To all of you lovely people, have a happy & safe Diwali / Deepaboli.... a dear friend's wife got burnt 40% from a lighted diya last to last week.... I am pretty scared for what I do in my closet room during the occasion of special prayers is risky too! At the moment, I am keeping all my big talks aside and planning a humble spread of "luchi, aloordum, suji, chutney" to offer Goddess Kali tomorrow morning... without Cristine's help things are not that easy.... the men will be at home.... and I have to visit the Ramakrishna Mission in the evening!

I browsed an you tube video named "Kolkata style goja" by one Piyali and also Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's before trying my version of Goja Nimki!!


Refined Floor : 2coffee mug
Ghee / Clarified Butter : 3tbsp
Salt : 1/2 tsp
Sugar : 11/2 tbsp
Baking Powder : 1/2tsp
Baking Soda : A pinch
Nigella Seed : 11/2tsp
Oil : 100-150 ml


I was happy to click almost all the steps required for this Goja nimki. At first, we will take all the ingredients required for the yummy, fried snack except for the nigella seeds and the oil on a wide-mouthed bowl.

We will rub the content for 2-3 minutes. Add the nigella seeds now.

Add water little by little and prepare a smooth dough. This may take some 7-8 minutes.

Once done, keep covered for 15-20 minutes.

Open cover, knead again for 2-3 minute.

Dust a rolling base with refined flour! There absolutely is no scene of rolling the dough balls in this recipe, yayyyy! What we will do is flatten softly the dough with our right palm. Did you wash your hands?

Cut it 1/2 now and place the other 1/2 atop one.

Again lightly press and flatten the dough with your right palm. We actually will repeat the process 3-4 times.

Flatten lightly again finally, cut into strips lengthwise not so thin either.

Cut further widthwise into smaller sizes.

They are now ready to be fried. Heat oil in a wok but not to the smoking point. Fry them in batches until golden brown.

Drain the oil as much as possible while taking them out and keep on to tissue papers until they are cold.

Since I do not do it on a regular basis, we had it fresh for a crisper effect. It can be stored in airtight containers for 3-5 days.

Enjoy these salted & sweet, fried snacks with tea or coffee!

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