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This one fish is among the few which has caught our fancy recently. Well, not really mine but became a favourite of my men... it is less bony and fleshy! I can have it too when I make it the spicy Indian way hiding all the smell, enjoy the tail end piece the most. All the oil filled stomach pieces go to the men"s plate not because they are chauvinist, but I do not like "peter piece" except of an ilish. I remember, on our tours too, me and the mother would ask for the tail end pieces from the tour operators. Everyone else in the group... all happened to be our father's friends and family would get surprised to which we said that it is as per our wish. The husband at times complains that I am still a "jangli"... primitive how much he tries. To that I say that I will be what I am comfortable in.... I felt like buying two pair of sandals each for ten dollars and I did, it got me sores, they will go after 3-4 wears... I will be just fine! After six months I will get a new pair. I am very careful about one thing that I do not ever recommend buying second hand goods.... we go for warehouse sales but never prefer second hands. Only two of our furnitures are a giveaway by a couple friend which did not fit in their new home! The husband is a brand maniac which is right in a way, his Van Heusen shirts do not tear even after 6-7 years. I do not look for durability except for in the husband.... At times, when I sit alone and go back in time, I remember how his mother called me a dwarf and he did not take a minute to give a befitting reply to it. It was at that moment I took the final decision to marry this guy. It is very much okay to prepare a non vegetarian curry with a favourite fish of him DOI TOMATO BHETKI. I do not mind doing it for his mother either who will like  this very less bony, fleshy fish. As I told you all that both sides of my family are "Bangal Bari"... only "bhetki" fillets came home for fancy fish fries occasionally. I remember, two-three times I did get "chara pona" sized "bhetki" and prepared it with a chilli-mustard paste... I liked it... Whenever they overgrow, I find fish smelly except for my two loves... "aar and ilish... even dhai".... the last one got to be rare in Kolkata! At times, I feel like taking the invitation of a brother like Tariq and visit his home in Dhaka and then Cox Bazaar to eat a variety of fish .... I wish to visit their fish market.... I have a strong branch of my family there who I do not know. Even the stories went off with my father... do you think our mother even know the meaning of "friendship" or "socialisation".... My mashimoni who was in hospital for a month is just back home. Our mother is in a complaining mode "oor to bondhurai shob korchey".... I gave it back immediately "shekho... eta dorkar".... Obviously, she does not like such developments in her daughter when the son is still her "pet".... I give him too "sharajibon maar achol dhorey boshey thakle prithibi darshan hoyna... ujbuk tor moto nei ekta".... Do I sound selfish? Yes, only to some... what they do not understand is that the more they flourish, better they can provide for their parents. T's mother can afford to visit a Nursing Home six times a year because of the son, that his "baromami-shejomami" cannot.

I always seem irritated these days na? I think it is a pre-menopausal syndrome. Cristine added more to it. I discovered a broken bud in one of my orchids this morning, without knowing if Cristine has any involvement in it, I had to shower on her. Okay, okay leh... before anyone comes from the MOM, I will pay her for a Macmeal... The son is at home today and I had such plans because I have an appointment for a discounted hair treatment else you will see me bald in few months. This island supplies too much of chemically treated water. I may laugh at Ipsita's madness on diet but I must admit that it works.... she is just a year younger than me but look at her hairs. After quite sometime, I got myself clicked yesterday, I screamed... "Cristine did you notice my skin too is aging fast?".... No, I do not think I require filters, I do not work in the entertainment industry. I want people to know the real me... look wise and nature wise! The moment I started going public with my real looks and age... the stalkers stopped messaging privately, commenting on my food posts without any interest on the food I cooked with so much of love... come on, my industry is different. I wish to provide some entertainment with food, flaunt my sarees, at times dresses and myself too but just the way I am. A person in my "dislike or say enemy list" told me few years back that S, you have made a good decision in life else you would have been in trouble. The words broke my bones once more into pieces, I touched alcohol that night for the first time in life, told the husband many things that I thought I never will, they will be going in to the  ashes along with me.... How much I dislike, get dismantled, I cannot deny the truth and murmured ... "yes! you are very right!" Thereafter, it became mandatory for me to show off the real me..... I laughed my heart out when Ipsita commented "80% lok comment box e bhuri bhuri bajey katha lekhey..." Oh!My God... I was like "sotti to Piali Moitra aar amar chobir tolai ek katha tomra likhbey na".... You see there are a couple of my girlfriends who are beautiful, Piali stands out because she is really beautiful in South Asian standard and she is not bothered, she is not obsessed with her looks! I like it too much. Her daughter is not as much physically beautiful as her but she will outshine her parents in academics one day.... I like that sincere girl, specially that innocence in her "P amar sangey katha bolena aunty... to which I say, tui to okey beat korchish... male egoi lagchey moneyhoy!" We are meeting soon, perhaps will get some info on the son's activities. This boy will drive me crazy but this is a mumma, so she does not mind to cook his preferences.... this time with a fish curry with sea bass, yogurt and tomato paste DOI TOMATO BHETKI. I have it too though not in the same fondness like an ilish or aar or boyal. I had my favourite dal and two veggies. The Bori Lau er Ghonto is up on the blog, the rest I wish to share later. Next week there will be no new shares, I will only take these to few places. This activity does not attract me but my readers are not active enough or they do not trust me enough to stay loyal to the pages I own. How I miss G+. I am not the kind who can say bravo... bravo to a "cheese diye koi maach.... I handed over my Thakuma's recipe book to Taj Bengal".... and then rise to fame in perfect unison. Although I am jealous.. ahem! of people's fame, I remain happy when Sumita di's husband says that the Shukto I got was just how he had in his childhood or when a Sanak Chottopadhay sends what is below!

Okay, on a serious note.... rising to fame is not all of a trick... you need to be an excellent communicator, build liaison that are beneficial to you, collaborative in a way, be very smart and yes "clever & ferocious too"... have thorough knowledge on food or whatever industry you are in, thick skinned, books or youtube videos to your credit! How can I badmouth such people when I know my intelligent husband plays a lot of strategies at home, may be in office too! It was mid 2010, the husband told his office "I got down from the ship never to sail again.... I want a shore job and you will give me one".... He got it within one month, me and a Dibyendu Banerjee who the husband calls one of the hardest working Ship Captains in the world discussed "look how he is bargaining".... so these kinds go ahead. The ability to bargain needs quality for sure. I have also seen some, say in the food world itself, who are excellent but just lack the luck or the ability to play tricks & politics and cannot make it. I call myself a mediocre, who does easy, Indian cooking pretty well. I am not fond of Sanak's wife but I know she could not have a strong foot in the Bengali entertainment industry only because a small part of her is like me... she cannot sustain lobbying and politics... anyway, she earns more than what she would have there... there should not be regrets but her kinds loves to be in the limelight always. I did want to be a part of few Bengali groups but had to take forced leave... they do not entertain independent works... groupism is what I am not interested in... I just wish to entertain the groups with good food and get some traffic to my blog "ke kar pishi, ke kar mama, kakey tel marley amar ektu naam hobey oshobey amar shomoy nei... mileymishey kaaj korbo byas, bondhutter ki achey!"... I will stay by the side of those for whom this blog is alive, not always is it  possible... not that I have not given them anything in return! I have a better world, will be visiting an old place after some 3-4 years ... this is a rich island, they keep demolishing old establishments and renovate... I do not know why. I will roam around the mall, eat my lunch, sleep while they massage my scalp! Before that I had to share this easy, fish curry with my readers!















CLOVE : 3-4



Wash the fish pieces thoroughly. Rub some salt and turmeric, keep aside for 15 minutes.

Heat oil in a wok and lightly fry the fish pieces, both sides.

Meanwhile, we have washed the chopped fresh coriander and green chillies.

We have taken the ginger paste, cumin-coriander-red chilli powders, 1/2tsp turmeric powder in a bowl and sprinkle some water to form a paste.

Once  all the fish pieces are fried, temper the oil with the cumin seeds, cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, clove.

After a stir, add the chopped green chillies and give a stir.

Add the spice paste and stir for 2 minutes.

Add the chopped tomatoes and stir until they melt 85%, now add the beaten yogurt. Fold in well.

Stir for a minute and add 1 coffee mug of water. Bring it to a boil.

Once it has boiled for 3-4 minutes at low heat, add the fried fish pieces gently.

Let boil at low heat for 3-4 minutes, add the chopped fresh coriander. 

Let boil for a minute and take down.

Enjoy with steamed rice, vegetable and dal.

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