Wednesday, 3 July 2019


I was thinking of sharing few Bengali, rustic, family recipes this week. I am confirmed one more time in life that we should not plan ahead much, really should not except for our life savings. Just let it be is how I feel most of the time these days. At this time, I am trying to be quite relaxed except for the worries concerning the son's college admission. The husband is again travelling, if he does not drive to the neighbouring country, I am a little less worried..... then he does not have the habit of calling home and giving all the details of his day, neither allows me to talk much over phone. I myself am not in the habit of talking much over phone, with the husband I can willingly do that. I am never a spendthrift but some 10-12 years back, I payed telephone bills ranging from 10000 to 16000 rupees each month talking to him on satellite phone.... this part only a mariner's wife will understand and support. I was telling my mother that life is standing at the sunset point, I feel I did not have enough of my married life. If one is not ready to give a lot and lot more to the marriage, to the partner, one should not agree to marry. I could not help my man financially but I tried to "be" with him all the time, I do not require a social media handle to prove it. In the first place, the men at home do not allow me to click them or to get clicked with them. I have also decided not to ask them to pose for me or get clicked with me from our next tour.... I will just randomly click them as per their wish. What will happen is that the people on my friend's list may not get to see their face properly or likewise, they will perhaps anticipate a major game play here which I am least interested in.... I prefer to respond to real life situations. So, stay cool and enjoy this BLUEBERRY CARDAMOM BAKED DOI. It is a fruity yogurt too tasty and easy to do. 

It was our mother's birthday yesterday, I gifted myself an indoor plant on this occasion and a Thai treat to the mother. I do not like any excess of drama concerning a day, she and me both would want to avoid any excess post the father's death. If life can make me feel each day as a birthday treat, I am game for it. Oh My! I did not even bake a cake for her yesterday, but she was happy to be allowed to have a sweet bun with tea, the Thai treat of chicken clear soup, vegetarian spring roll, prawn glass noodles, Thai sticky rice & mango. 

I was very sad to see my Areca Palm dying, then went to the nursery to get it repotted for a price. I spend on them but do not know the right ways of taking care of them. The mother did furnish some tips, says my blooms are less because they are not getting enough sunlight in the hedge, the indoor ones we are perhaps over watering or they may require a bit of sunlight at regular intervals. So, the thing is that we are spending good time, I have told the husband that we need to get his parents and my mother every alternate year if their health permits.... Yesterday was a no fuss, non dramatic, just another day, I however wish to serve you an easy to make, chilled dessert BLUEBERRY CARDAMOM BAKED DOI treat today. I got a packet of blueberry last month, prepared two desserts with it for my visiting family using different combinations. All of us including my fussy eater brother liked both of them, hence wished to share the recipe with every one in public.




Whisk together the plain yogurt, fresh cream, condensed milk and sugar. There should not be any lump and it should be a paste like consistency.

To it, add the freshly made blueberry paste, green cardamom seeds and fold in well gently.

Fill 1/2 of a bake proof tray with water. Transfer the mixed batter to a bake proof bowl and place it in the middle of the tray. Cover it with aluminium foil.

Mine is a convection mode microwave oven, so I placed the low stool inside the oven, preheated it at 200*C for 10 minutes.

Then I placed the tray with the bowl that is covered with foil.

Bake at 200*C  for 18-20 minutes. Each machine works differently, so the time required in the final step may be different.

Once done, cool completely. Now chill for at least 2-3 hours before you serve.

Its a bliss and we love it anytime.

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