Monday, 27 March 2017


The fat old lady went for another half marathon yesterday, was among the last to finish, yet felt happy that she did not quit. It was proved again that nothing comes in a platter, we need hard work for that. I did not practice at all for the last two months, thought I will manage to keep my last time record intact and can finish somewhere between 3:30 hours to 3:40 hours. Then many a factor came in between.... not much of practice which is a must, it was an extreme humid early morning yesterday which was getting me slower, finally, it was a night run, my first night run and I was / am not a late night person. Early mornings work wonder for me, always. Yesterday, at certain points I felt like quitting , specially when I was passing through the metro stations or taxi stands. When I completed 10km, I could see people already at the finishing line, yes our trail was kind of spiral may be. At that point, I was almost into tears, then there were those nice co-runners, who said come on gear up with cheer. I made up my mind I should complete and spread the message, do not quit, whether you are a runner, soldier, writer, poet, singer... keep going, no amount of threats should stop you from doing what you believe in. The murder of Safdar Hashmi did not stop his wife and believers to carry forward his legacy till date. However, people laugh at Ramdev Baba [Indian Yoga Guru], his "pranayam" did help me at some point in life. Just opposite my Kolkata home, there is a retail outlet of his products, my mom uses.

On a lighter note, how much you make fun of this Alia Bhatt [Indian Actress], I like her.... a more or less natural actress, that no make up look, so bubbly and that morning glory like smile. I am totally opposite of that, giggles do not come naturally to me. Many years back I was told I am too melancholic a character to get along, even my extreme likings for Shabana Azmi was not taken kindly. I could not take any criticism against her, specially when my mind was engrossed on that particular scene from Mrinal Sen's Khandahar [The Ruins], .... Shabana standing alone amidst the ruins of her dilapidated house, realising Naseeruddin Shah would never come back to take her with him, the photographer visited only to explore the place, its ruins to take some wonderful shots and go back. I have watched the movie a number of times and felt.... I will always be me, love myself the way I am and always believed, the roads that are not meant to meet will never meet, not at any point in life. I am quiet, prefer to remain so does not mean that I do not like chirpy, smiling faces. I find them too adorable and say...... whatever you are, be it. My message to those who spread the virus of happiness..... "Beautiful Faces.... Keep Smiling."...... thats a good match. Monalisa is always a preferred choice and off course a need of the hour in a world in turmoil.

The day.... and the night before my half marathon, I was doing a lot of cooking when I was supposed to take ample rest. You know why? I was enjoying my senior scolding.... come out of the kitchen, take rest S, you need. Not always he is particular about praising his wife. During our courtship days, once he came back from sailing after as long as 6-8 months, I wished to meet him often.... he always said we do not need to... we are there for each other..... and this drama queen had to burst into tears and say... you do not love me enough.... the firmer him said we do not need to show it off.

I talk on anything but cooking na? Let us do that. My inbox has such comments that I am sharing a bit more non-vegetarian dishes these days. Well, today too I wish to go ahead with a non-vegetarian appetiser, may be a vegetarian dish on my next post. This is a very simple recipe of chicken legs marinated in Indian spices and grilled to perfection. I am not so fond of chicken, its my men's favourite.... specially my son's... he can have it in all three meals. I have chicken when in mood... if it is an oriental preparation or minced like in kebabs. I am a spice loving typical Bengali / Indian / South Asian who lives in a health freak island.... That is when the inspired me took to running / walking where people start outdoor exercise as early as 3 am. Hence this Masala Grilled Chicken can be a good balance of my love for spice yet staying healthy. This yummy starter was knocking at the door for quite sometime, also few posts around are an inspiration. Let us do it together absolutely hassle free while watching a television show or reading a favourite thriller.

Chicken Leg : 8 medium to big pieces
Vinegar : 2-3 tbsp
Garam Masala : 2tbsp [I use Everest]
Coriander Powder : 2tsp
Black Pepper : 2tsp [preferably freshly crushed]
Chaat Masala : 1tbsp
Lemon Juice: 1/2 small cup
Salt : As Required
Oil : 4-5 tbsp

Wash the chicken legs thoroughly under running water. Pat dry and prick all over with a fork. Marinate with vinegar and throw away the marinade after half an hour.

Now marinate with the spice powders, lemon juice, salt and oil. Rub and mix thoroughly. Keep marinated for an hour or two in a covered container.

Switch on microwave and place your grill [I do not have a griller]. Place your chicken pieces on a grill pan and pour half of the marinade on it. Grill for 12-15 minutes.

Take out and flip over, pour the rest of the marinade and grill for another 8-10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the dip with mayonnaise, some plain yogurt and 2-3 pinches of black salt. Mix well and its ready to be served. Later, I felt some finely chopped cucumber and onion could be added to make it perfect.

Now take out the masala coated, juicy, tender grilled chicken legs, arrange them in a serving plate. Serve hot with the Mayo-Yogurt dip or any choice of your dip or chutney. Some salad too should be there.


  1. Oh yum. Chicken turned out great. I'll make it when other half-half travel, and the dip, another that is really tempting.

  2. It's a positive thing you have finished the race...its a great achievement I believe ...this chicken looks yummy and the process is simple

    1. Thank You Amrita... thats how I felt too...