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Ahh whenever I get inspired by such posts like "Shobbha De @ 70" and think of going in for a clean diet or doing a GM diet for a week, something or the other stops me .... which only proves my insincere self. You cannot blame me alone for this... every other day there is a celebration around .... someone has a birthday, others celebrating their marriage anniversary in the most romantic manner,  while some other with a revealing neckline says "jealous yeah?".... the list has no end.... there is always another one who perhaps knows my weakness for sarees.... wears an enviable one and says.... so what if I have few extra kilos... I possess one of the best smiles in the world.... Then there is someone who knocks the door right at 4pm each day with a hungry stomach.... mumma has to think of something or the other.... say something as filling as these PEPPER & CHEESE STUFFED MINI PARATHA for him. Why not?.... this is the only thing I do at home.... I simply dislike those who do not earn a penny but goes out early morning for a coffee at Starbucks or for a periperi chicken at Nando's during lunch hours and takes pride in posting made up photos in the social media.... My only message to such people is that.... earn 10 dollars and see how hard it is.... save every single dollar and then go for parties with your friends... it looks good!.... Even a Twinkle Khanna does not depend on her husband solely for her branded stuffs... but she definitely is not being a true Punjab-an... she hardly eats paratha.... no proof can we see ... haha... she own my heart in lieu of few things... of which her style is one and ohh! what a sense of humour she has... The other day she wrote somewhere..... whenever I travel.... I call up my husband and tell him if fate betrays with me... all my handbags should go to my daughter.... I do not want your new wife to carry them.... oh God! I giggled for the entire day... I somehow identified with that.... whenever I go out, I ask my tiger.... if I do not come back would you cry?.... Those who know him know the answer too.... haha ..... Sarcasm has nothing to do with truth... when she says her stationary bike is used to hang washed clothes.... she wants her readers to laugh out loud.... "koi sach wali baat usme hai hi nehi".... I follow her mother and the daughters for many years now... when I first saw the trio's pictures making candles  in our favourite Bengali magazine "Sananda"..... Isn't that quite meaningful than to see the pictures of star kids with their beaus in the parties? I do not even look at such news... It must be her mother's contributions towards their life.... no wonder I will buy a bobby print dress for a party.... though at a heavy discount... I adore stardom but do not try to imitate ... one must be very conscious about their own identity and ability. Coming to my ever graceful heartthrob.... Vidya Balan.... I do not know when and why she has started loving me so much... she absolutely need not put on those few extra kilos... why?simply because they are our divas.... fish is not a problem... rice must be the culprit in both cases... haha... PEPPER & CHEESE STUFFED MINI PARATHA is neither a contributor to a healthy self, but I had to go ahead with it considering the colours in the air.... [social media]...

My readers already know.... I interpret everything in terms of films.... Bollywood rules over me... also does a "Good Bengali Movie".... which is not a copy.... For an example.... I so much started adoring "Prasenjit" when he got himself free from the "Posenjit" tag... After getting overly exploited and spoilt.... Rituparna Sengupta got to prove herself in "Paromitar Ekdin" or "Dahan"..... Coming to Bollywood ... a noted member of Bollywood's first family.... Shashi Kapoor passed away day before yesterday...... who met his love Jennifer Kendal in Kolkata... 1956... while she was touring with her theatre practitioner family throughout India. The British Theatre actress's acting prowess we did see in few movies... be it 36 Chowringhee Lane, Junoon or Ghare Baire! I liked that pair .... that made me put up that status in Facebook yesterday.... the romantic me prefers to be romantic in death too.... a toast to their meet in heaven... with this PEPPER & CHEESE STUFFED MINI PARATHA! I planned about it yesterday noon and the miser me will not run to the supermarket to buy  a spicy cheese block for 20 dollars.... I will coarsely ground some black pepper and use the available cheese slices for the super simple recipe.... How can I leave our loving island in the process?.... After my status update on Facebook, there had been a series of posts on how nice our island is.... haha so sweet of them.... To those who do not know much about this island, Cheese Prata is one of its best sellers! Porota / Paratha / Prata has to have in today's share.... I cannot go without having one small with a hot cup of coffee!.... rest is all yours and my men's. To all the mothers who do not sit idle at home like me.... do prepare this PEPPER & CHEESE STUFFED MINI PARATHA to brighten up your breakfast or dinner table.... After a hard day outside, you do not have to prepare a side dish either.... take out the dates & tamarind chutney from the refrigerator .... assort some mint leaves, a green chilli and few spoons of yogurt, few pinches of black salt and grind to a paste... you get a fresh mint chutney... Cheese is not something I swear by, this tongue still tickles with the touch of "shutkir bharta"..... Did I start this blog to please my tummy alone?..... no... When I promote my blog / page, do only people of a particular region respond?...never..... So there will be a variety of food fair here in this blog with predominance of Bengali / Indian food ... within my limits.... I never can be a versatile cook. The pictures down will prove that these PEPPER & CHEESE MINI PARATHA are a no fancy, child's play kind of... Once I finish sharing this.... I will watch Shashi Kapoor's Shakespeare Wallah in You Tube.... do you wish to?

Refined Flour : 11/2coffee mug
Ghee : 5tbsp
Nigella Seed / Kalonji : 1tsp [optional]
Black Pepper Powder : 1tbsp
Cheese Slices : 5[halved]
Salt : 1/4tsp or little less
Oil : 100ml


To be very honest, my initial idea was to prepare some cheese stuffed "trikon nimki".... triangular nimki and jilipi are the morning rituals of the Bengali sweet shops.... hence I added the nigella seeds. After I was done with the dough, I felt it seems soft and would not turn in to crisp nimki.... so I changed the plan and turned them in to these deep fried cheese stuffed yummy parathas.

Take the flour, ghee, nigella seeds and salt in a wide mouthed vessel.... do not look at my kitchen utensils.... neither me or Cristine do justice to them always.... no wonder my mother disapproves of my home making skills... her 20-25 years old aluminium woks are flawlessly silvery... ohh...

Rub the entire content for at least 2-3 minutes.

Add warm or normal water little by little  and keep kneading to form a smooth dough.

Cristine was very eager to show maam's spaghetti strap dress, I had to edit hence. Anyway... we will knead further for 12 minutes and cover with a cling wrap for say 1/2 an hour.

After 1/2 an hour, remove the cling wrap and take out small portions... smoothen between your palms. Take all things required on your work station. Roll out poori like roundels and place half of a standard cheese slice right in the middle, sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper.

Fold sideways, and press the border.

Fold again lengthwise and press the sides properly.

A Bengali always has a triangular paratha on mind... hence. We will roll lightly pressing it to level. We have to be careful not creating any holes.

Heat oil in a wide wok and deep fry the parathas on both sides.

Take out, transfer on to tissue papers first before serving. Can you see little of melting cheese oozing out... a little does not matter as we will serve them fresh & hot.

Serve the yum PEPPER & CHEESE STUFFED MINI PARATHA with Mint-Yogurt Chutney and Dates-Tamarind Chutney.... I had to have it with a hot cuppa of coffee.... what about you?

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