Friday, 3 August 2018


This world is not always good to me you see, specially when some people swing "bok phooler bora" in front of my nose.... that too on a rainy day! This off course is a cruel act when people know even after a comb search in the "jhop-jhars"of this island .... that is in the bushes you will not get a single "bok phool" / agati flower! Why? For reasons unknown, the government here has to maintain a 7star ambience at every corner of the island.... all greens have to be manicured, no natural growth anywhere for they scare it may breed mosquitoes! Ahh! this is one reason you will see beeline of sneezing & coughing people at the doctors' chambers each & every day! Natives here do not know what struggle is except for the fact that they have to work till the age of 80-85 for a decent living even if they are provided with various incentives by the government! Yet, I enjoy every bit of my stay here... I find my little pleasures here... there everywhere on my walks.... if not a "bok phool".... but in a sudden discovery.... I mean did I locate a "koromcha" / "karonda" / cranberry tree yesterday? Unlikely to find a "bok phooler gach".... though.... that sent me to another level of depression yesterday! I indeed found few "akondo phooler gach".... once while I participated in a running event... we offer that flower to Lord Shiva! I did not make any extra effort to get that flower during "shivratri".... I am angry with him.... he made me spend my life with an unromantic, impossible kind of a guy! Depression & irritation double every now and then at this home! A phone call went to the neighbouring country yesterday evening with a wish to get a bit romantic and utter few lyrics..... "teri dhadkano ko meri dhadkane sunaye.... teri khwahison se meri khwahishein riha hain".... the answer was instant... "S, I am in a meeting now will call you back in 15 minutes".... that precious moment after 15 minutes never came in my life, not in the last 20 years! I do not have money to deploy a detective agency to find out who he was having a meeting with at 8:30 pm in the night! So, I will enjoy an ALOO KABLI.... kala chana & potato medley / chaat guilt free without him!

I strongly felt it was cranberry .... could not touch them as you know I have severe height issues! I have most of the issues with my men rather .... why they had to be so impossible for me to handle! Few days back I told the husband you know bhai [my brother] and the brother-in-laws hit love sign on their wive's pictures, poses intimately with their wives before taking selfies, writes beautifully ornate comments and anniversary-birthday wishes! The "talpatar shepai" was watching BBC or CNN or a Sports Channel may be.... sprang up all of a sudden and said "what... I have to go and like your pictures and wish you on your birthday in public? There was something in his voice that made me run and take refuge in the bedroom in fear of a slap! At that hour of the night I cannot go and ask for a shelter at our friends' home or call and ask the brother to file a case! I keep sharing such bedroom stories here so that any aspiring daughter-in-law, if at all any can step in without expecting anything normal.... I live with weird stuffs! What I can guarantee you is a genuine, loving paa-in-law.... my old man was so too! Our relationship is going to be sour because this home's paa-in-law will not support the wife against the son's woman.... The not so crafty, never a clever witch can only guarantee you good food... like this spicy & tangy bliss ALOO KABLI!

ALOO KABLI is a Bengali street food too famous and best made in Kolkata! Where does it taste the best? The uncle who stood with his box in front of our college gate made it the best... ahh! what a bliss was it! Now a days I am scared to even taste on my visits there... you know NRIs develop a nose even if they have a flat one. We always have all the ingredients for ALOO KABLI at home... Bengali Gram Black Chana, Potato, Fresh Coriander, Onion, Green Chilli, Tamarind Juice, Lemon, Chaat Masala, Black Salt, Red Chilli Flakes, Oil .... uff I am craving for one more plate today! Actually, I am trying to eat a bit healthy... doing so I felt let me get my salad a bit tastier!... I had a meat ball soup after a walk day before yesterday and then this chaat or salad or street food around 4:30 pm....

Then I have to do a blunder of having a short bread cookie at night which is suicidal if you are in a weight loss mission! Either you have to push yourself way bit while exercising or / and you have to be very strict with your diet! I cannot do either of the two and look like a football these days given my height! I immediately need to change a certain profile picture which is 3 years old.... I think my profile picture should reflect how I look now! All said and done I am thinking of making some "shingara" / samosa tonight.... to celebrate someone's homecoming for a "week"! The son is not fond of ALOO KABLI.... he is not bothered either when mumma cooks some meat for him to enjoy! I tried to prepare this famous Kolkata street food just the way as is done by the vendors there .... As I say that I did not have it from the vendors for a long time.... I remotely remember that they may not use cucumber in ALOO KABLI .... I added it to make it healthier.... I have to take into account my loving island if not always.... "bok phool" can wait until I meet the mother!

My Filipino Chicken Adobo recipe gets updated.... Please do click the heading / link for the recipe!





Wash the black chana and soak in hot water for 2-3 hours!

Soak 1-2tbsp of tamarind in half small bowl of water!

Make slits on the washed potatoes on skin! Take them on a plate and microwave on high for 3 minutes! Let cool.

Peel the skin of each and and chop / slice roughly!

I used my home grown coriander leaves for this dish... it gave me a high! Chop the peeled and washed onion, washed fresh coriander and also the green chillies.

Now take the potato, chopped onion, black chana, chillies, black salt, chilli flakes in a bigger bowl.

Fold in well! 

Add the lemon juice! Mix well! Then strain as much as tamarind juice is required! I suggest to add it little at a time. 

I decided to add some chopped cucumber later! Add the oil and chopped, washed fresh coriander too!

Toss in everything very well and have it fresh! This is never to be refrigerated, it does not taste well if so!

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