Friday, 31 August 2018


All of a sudden life got very busy without being engaged in any fruitful activity! So frequently I am attending friends' meets and occasionally calling them home too! I was wondering how come I see myself going out often except for my "lonely walks".... the later term is neither a complaint nor a curse on me! I feel I am both a daddy's girl and the mother's too... the brother is a mother's pet totally! That mother who would love to have control on her kids even when they reach their 60s-70s once told me not to go for walks with friends.... its called chatting and not walking for good! I am not as good and loyal as the brother, yet I listened and totally believe that a walk or a run is to be done alone unless you have mastered self control. While believing in this the mother or me did not have in the remotest corner of our minds that there can be something called "couple run".... that our husbands can ever go for a walk with us! Her case was even worse.... the wife having fever or fasting for a special prayer... our father invited 10 friends for an evening tea and to play bridge with .... The disciplinarian mother always maintained that guests should come or a party should happen on stipulated holidays and never when our examinations were near! I vividly remember her time for talking to the neighbours was fixed... in between our coming back from the school and the evening sit to study time! She never did visit anyone's home after 7pm or entertained anyone at her's on her own will on the weekdays.... This did not help much to make her happy, to fulfil her dreams because her kids did not love academics like those of some other homes  quite similar to ours... Its true that like poles repel.... haha! Unlike poles attract or not.... the almighty reserves the right to unite people or its the law of science one has to follow. I have seen sharp contrast in few homes.... the mother going out for the day once her kids go off to the school... kids learn to be independent at a very tender age... folding mosquito net with such expertise that anyone in the hospitality industry will be awestruck! Since such kids were taught human values, that they did not stray does not let me abandon totally some people .... neither do I let anyone to decide who I like and choose to keep close to my heart.... Relationships have a different definition to me.... who I like more is my own.... I like what I have grown up watching.... So, I keep some contacts away from the public glare.... I make secret calls or messages telling "your tremendous sacrifices are paying off now.... stop crying".... She.... who I call "another woman" does not love me but I am fond of those who keep her happy.... I kiss my brother too ten times a day virtually for being a mother's dotting son... trust me he couldn't be anything else! Though my spouse did not allow me to set it as an example and is trying out every possible way to separate the son from me! Everyday there is a fight at this home regarding his choice of university.... I am drawing courage from the people around on how to survive without my heart if required and feeling more duty bound... I must! I may not have the required amount of IQ... but the EQ is in good amount hopefully! I am trying to be friendly at least with the like minded people... I felt going for such lunch meets or arranging one at our place helps me stop messaging the son 10 times a day when he has extra classes.... though knowing that the school does not allow phones during working hours. On one such day I might have prepared this ALOO KOFTA CURRY.... Kofta Curry is regular at this home... they hate most of the vegetables and I am determined not to serve them meat and rice / breads everyday.... They do not fancy salad... how can I?

An ALOO KOFTA CURRY may not be that nutrient enriched dish as of a mixed greens & chicken soup with a piece of country loaf or a "shukto" or "lamb shorba" .... but I am pretty sure we had some dal protein alongside and I served both with a carrot or palak paratha or a methi rice.... I do not remember for its over a month now.... what I know is that the mother will fall from the sky literally knowing the daughter's recent development of the  taste bud.... it has out grown if not shifted! However, I do give in to the men's demands at times.... I served them "luchi o mutton keema" the day before yesterday.... which they love with rice too.... and yesterday night I made some "ruti" to go with the ghugni.... you can see the husband's plate... The son does not touch a "ghugni " when there is a "tandoori masala macchi" or a "fish kofta"..... There was one more thing for me... "shorshe bata ucche".... I wish to blog on it later.... meanwhile you can have it with flatbreads or rice... yum if you are unlike my men....

Preparing this ALOO KOFTA CURRY was an absolute pleasure for I knew the men folks would love it... You can do it on days when you do not have a single vegetable left at your pantry.... so next Friday go ahead with it and make me happy! We need few associating ingredients for this creamy / makhmali vegetarian curry like cashew nuts, raisins, white sesame seeds, onion paste, ginger paste, green chilli paste and whole garam masalas! I like flavour and spices in my curries! If I have flavouring agents like ghee and whole garam masalas, I will not use powdered spices much! You can enjoy this with any kind of fried rices or South Asian flat or fluffy breads... even toasted breads!


Potato : 2-3big [washed, boiled, peeled, mashed]
Onion Paste : 2-3tbsp
Ginger Paste : 1tsp
Green Chilli Paste : 2tsp
Chopped Green Chilli : 2
Roasted White Sesame Seed: 2tsp
Plain Yogurt : 2tbsp [beaten]
Cashew Nut : 6 + 6
Raisin : 10 + 5
Bay Leaf : 1
Cinnamon Stick : 2-3 two inch size
Green Cardamom : 2-3
Cloves : 3-4
Cumin Seed : 1/4tsp
Ghee : 1tbsp
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 1tsp
Refined Flour : 1-2tbsp
Oil : 2tsp + 3-4tbsp or as required to fry all the koftas
Ghee / Clarified Butter : 1tbsp to garnish.... and some chopped fresh coriander too!


Chop 10 raisins and 6 cashew nuts. Heat oil in a pan, temper with cumin seeds and chopped green chillies.

Add the chopped cashew nuts and raisins. Stir at low heat for 1/2 a minute.... 

Add the boiled and mashed potato and fold in well. Add some salt as required! Keep stirring for 2-3 minutes. 

Now add the refined flour and stir well. Transfer to a plate... let cool.

Prepare some kofta balls from it.

Heat 3-4 tbsp oil in a wok. Fry the kofta balls till brown and keep on tissue papers.

Temper oil with a bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, cloves.

Add the onion, ginger and the green chilli paste. Stir for a minute or two.

Earlier we already had prepared a paste with the plain yogurt, cashew nuts, raisins and roasted sesame seeds. We will add it to the wok at this stage. Stir for 1/2 a minute.

Add 1 coffee mug of water, stir and let boil for 2-3 minutes at low heat. Add the sugar, let boil for a minute. 

Arrange the kofta balls in a serving bowl. Pour the gravy atop. Garnish with 1tbsp ghee and chopped fresh coriander! Enjoy with any kind of pulao rice / paratha or even with toasted breads!

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