Tuesday, 21 August 2018


I made these instant kulfi PINEAPPLE MANGO FRESH MINT KULFI way back in the month of May and wished to gift my readers some "thanda-thanda cool-cool" pleasure! I forgot all about it and thought about sharing it today. It is not a problem in South East Asia, we can enjoy a kulfi / ice-cream / slush or any cooler at all time of the year and we do! For the rest of the world... oh! will it be welcome now? It is rain in India, still winter in Australia? The later, our neighbour sends us a lot of supply... meat to vegetables and more... and even mangoes in off-season! In fact mango never goes out of the season in the entire South East Asia ..... that is one major reason for me to rejoice.... I even got the Bengal variety of "lyangra" last week... though it was not too fresh. I am in the lookout for some ripe guavas in fact... wish to prepare "peyarer jelly"..... the mother used to do when we were at school. The readers should know that I still do not understand the difference between a jelly... jam and spread! The son loves what the mother prepares at home... its without preservatives! These are this lady's favourite pastime.... like yesterday evening I made a sticky dough with self rising flour and yogurt... the mix was supposed to give me a two ingredient cookie after baking but they turned out to be soft, mini buns. I enjoyed them with my black coffee this morning! If Bianca sends me a carton of fresh duck eggs, I will send her the recipe of these buns which I got from a woman blogger named Star.... who has a young daughter and claims her sheet pan quick dinners as the best... haha! Life is good until I see people wasting food! Last week I was having my favourite wanton soup alongside some barley water.... thats when I noticed half plate of egg-chicken fried rice.... I love how simply its done here and how yum it turns out to be! When I realised that someone wasted it instead of getting it packed, I got pissed off! The world's most expensive country has people who look for a 2:50 dollar meal per serving! Its not what the tourists see.... manicured orchids along the roadways starting from the airport spreading  all over in the island! There are families who fit in two roomed HDB apartments! People should think twice before wasting! At this home the son and his father has a habit of wasting food .... and you will see me standing in the kitchen and eating leftovers..... which is one reason why I cannot lose weight! One good thing about this PINEAPPLE MANGO FRESH MINT KULFI is that we can store them in the freezer more than a week and enjoy whenever we wish to!

The best part of preparing this instant kulfi was that I did not have to boil the milk for a longer period! It takes pretty long time to get a creamy texture boiling the milk because I do not like using evaporated milk in it! Some 3-4 years back my colleague Harveen Kaur Maam told me that we can prepare the perfect, shop like kulfi adding evaporated milk and condensed milk to the boiling milk! She just visited my thought now... in fact I am thinking of knocking the door of all the parents of a single teen and ask "how do you manage to stay without your kids?" The son of this house wishes to go elsewhere after 2 years for his graduation and mumma is getting mad! She keeps on telling the husband .... "Have you ever thought how would I live? I am not in the habit of partying around, I do not work either".... I am truly married to a genuinely nice person... he never says "I am no one to you?"..... Anyway, a kulfi / cooler like this PINEAPPLE MANGO FRESH MINT KULFI eases out all complications and makes things normal in a household .... it engages people's mouth for at least 10 minutes and its taste lingers on till we do it again... haha! To prepare this instant delight I used minimal ingredients like chopped pineapple & mango, fresh mint leaves that I grow, black salt, sugar, milk powder.... so it turned out to be a "khatta-meetha" kulfi... try it to know how refreshing it is!

Our Orchids & Hibiscus say hello to my readers... if you have a celebration around enjoy with some flowers .... if you are not keeping well enough to enjoy, know that flowers have healing power!


Chopped Fresh Pineapple : 11/2coffee mug
Chopped Fresh Ripe Mango : 1coffee mug
Fresh Mint Leaf : 12-15
Milk Powder : 1medium cup
Sugar : 2-3tbsp
Black Salt : 1/2tsp


Discard the two ends of the pineapple and peel. Cut half and further into 4 pieces. Discard the hard middle segment. Wash and chop.... measure one coffee mug and reserve the rest for future use.

Wash, discard the end and peel off the skin of 2 standard sized mangoes... Chop into smaller cubes and throw off the seed. If you are like me you will eat all the pulp and juice from the seed and not leave a bit for the birds.

Wash the fresh mint leaves thoroughly.... I have seen centipedes in my micro-mini green space. Do not spray insect killer unless you wish to hoard all the treasure in your spouse's bank account...... haha..... just wash each leaf under running water.

Take all the above mentioned ingredients in a blender that we do not use for blending spices.

Blend at high speed for 2-3 minutes pausing in between.

The use of milk powder makes it creamy and so I named it kulfi and not ice lollies.

Pour onto plastic glasses.... just half of each. I find them easier to use than a kulfi mould.

Keep in the deep freezer for an hour or little more. Take out and insert ice-cream sticks. I halved bamboo skewers and used them.

Deep freeze again and this time for about 5-6 hours. I usually keep them overnight. Take them out and cut the sides of each plastic cup with a scissor! The amount mentioned above makes 4-6 kulfi!

Enjoy the refreshing flavour and taste... you need not be thankful to me!


  1. Looks good. Can you post a picture of the milk powder that you use? Thanks.

    1. Thanks... oh! I am not particular with the brand of milk powder... I buy any... get home... pour in a container... throw the packet... sorry!