Tuesday, 11 September 2018


This was an idea hired from a cake that a friend got for us... it was written "orange sugi cake" on it .... the family loved it... their "short break food box" returned empty... me too liked but as you know I am averse to artificial flavours and not so fond of candies either. That cake from a well known store here uses candied orange zest I felt, sweeter compared to the standard of this island. Then on my walks, I discovered this vending machine for orange juice... the idea of preparing a FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE popped up on my mind! This vending machine is just few metres from my home, I got it and prepared this super easy and yum cake in the comfort of my kitchen! There are so many occasions around... birthdays, anniversaries and yes... my reunion with a long lost friend Nupur Datta after 21 long years.... we last met on my marriage day! I was frantically searching for her for a couple of years and all of a sudden last week I came across her name and wow its my dear friend indeed! Nupur and I have worked in a school for 3-4 years... she joined there one or two years after me.... the best moments we spent together was catching "4:10 er Barasat Local" to attend our master's classes.... Nupur had been working in the morning shift and me in the afternoon shift. Our school gave over at 4pm, I would run through the rocky pebbled roads, unmanned railway tracks to catch that particular train. If the train was in time there was a "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" kind of "chin chinari"..... aka scene scenery!  The train started, S.... the fat girl in her early 20's running.... Nupur laid her arms ..... "S you can, hold tight and get up".... Ok, I could... We could not afford to go separately... we had to share one single rickshaw from Dum Dum station to the university... the fare was 5 rupees, each gave 2:50 rupees. The only child of so lovely parents, Nupur used to get food for me that "kakima" prepared as I used to leave home at 9 am in the morning! Who many of you call aunty, is "kakima, pishima, mashima" to us! Me being still a primitive, I fail to understand why Bengalis of our generation have to call the motherly women... "aunty".... is it a criteria to be on the top of the societal hierarchy? Lets have a quick flashback, we were invited to a family function in Kolkata some nine years back.... I discovered people addressing each other's mothers as aunty.... the primitive me  was utterly confused ... "kaidabajir shobhabta jaini"..... Anyway, I do not think I can get along with such kinds, I mean the "shutkir bharta" loving me knew it long back that specific people have certain dreams.... not only to build a strong career for themselves but they equally garnered a wish to go high up in the social ladder.... "S be a nice girl... do not come in the way of people's dreams .... eat shutki and be happy!".... S's inner self does not let her go wrong to an extent that may cause harm to people .... thanks to my guides "lokkhi-saraswati-gonshu or laddu".... Leave that already cliched part of my life, I am happy for Nupur, she has also made a niche for herself, she is the principal of a high school in Barasat now.... look at me... a worthless! Nupur deserves, why not? The head girl of Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan School... still one of the premier girl's school in Kolkata.... her spoken power, her crisp English... her prowess in compering a programme had hardly any equal... amazing! I remember I was entitled the job to compere on the annual sports day until she joined! I felt low though it never came in between our friendship... may be because they say I am a good soul, haha! Today at 48, I believe one should always give way to the better, then only this world can flourish ... one must admit their shortcomings.... else one is a mean and nothing else! Now, the worthless me too spends her day the way she wishes... she discovered some red bhindi growing just yesterday on her walk, she enjoys her coffee latte often! She learns everyday from little things.... she bursts into tears discovering her deceased friend Chanchal Sen's gift to her... the purse below.... each year he would gift me a bag from his factory... last time I promised I will visit his baby! Come December, I will visit his widowed wife and children... who else but a Swati Bhattacharya will take me there, no one else but Swati will reserve all the pujo special magazines for me, I can message her just like the brother.... change your profile picture, take a knife and cut the extra fat from your sides... haha... I always tell my brother, get out of the mother's lap and make at least five to six genuine, trustworthy friends.... its a requirement! Before I blog on a FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE, I have to do some irrelevant talks as usual with my loving readers... how do you tolerate me by the way?

Let us come back to some food talk now! I am a poor baker... a cliched but a true fact, I love to bake and bake a cake every week... it is true... I blog only on those that comes out well .... that is a wise thing to do! Below is the orange cake with candied zest that our visiting guests get us... its favourite with the son as he prefers plain cakes and hardly can discover the zest in it. Mumma is a diabetic but her over all medical reports are better than the last year.... so she can blog on a FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE for her loving readers and herself have a big slice, she is a shameless diabetic! Since, I do not know what went into the store bought, super moist semolina cake, I did it with fresh orange juice, plain yogurt, red sugar, fresh cream I had, so I used and little vinegar.

Mine was moist too if not done with much of expertise! I mean my bakes are always for novice bakers and the ace bakers or teachers can ask the kindergarten kids to try my cakes! The FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE I prepared was done with a readymade but very fresh orange juice, this island makes things easier for me! We get lazier in the process.... did our mothers or grandmothers ever require to go to the gym? My grandmother still has a normal sugar level! Let us drop that matter and enjoy some cake done with more or less "desi" ingredients!

My omelette wrapped fried rice recipe wishes to reach some more people, would you have a look please?... an easy solution to your week night dinner!



Semolina : 1/2coffee mug or little more
Fresh Orange Juice : 100-150ml
Plain Yogurt : 2small cups
Fresh Cream : 150-200ml [I use Nestle]
Red Sugar : 1medium cup [if using white sugar, add a pinch of yellow food colour]
Vinegar : 1tbsp
Baking Powder : 1tsp
Oil : 1medium cup [I use sunflower or olive]
Vanilla Essence : 1tsp
I garnished with mixed nuts.


Here is the readymade orange juice I get from the vending machine near my home! Do prepare your own in the juicer.

Here is the plain yogurt and fresh cream which I will beat together with the sugar, oil and vinegar.

Below is the bowl where I have mixed together the semolina and baking powder. I am not so comfortable using baking soda!

Now in a blender which is not used for blending spices, we will take together the plain yogurt, orange juice, red sugar, vinegar, oil.

Blend at high for 2 - 3 minutes pausing in between. We get what you see below.

Pour into the semolina mixture and fold in well. Stir for a minute just after adding 1tsp of vanilla essence.

Pour on to a cake tin and keep at rest for 15 minutes or little more.

Preheat oven @ 180*C. Place the low rack inside if you are using a convection mode microwave. Add some pistachio and almond before you start baking.

Bake @ 180*C for 30 minutes first and then check if its done.

It should as Semolina cakes take less time to be done.

Enjoy the FRESH ORANGE JUICE SUJI CAKE with cups of tea / coffee or pack the kid's tiffin boxes with 2-3 slices... they will be happy!


  1. the cake looks so good and I can imagine the flavours of it

    1. Thank you Amrita... this was really worth trying...

  2. Such a yummy looking cake soma.. Would love to try this out soon!!

    1. Thank you Sharmila... such a pleasure to know...