Thursday, 16 March 2017


A fruit a day makes you a healthy and wealthy one and that necessarily need not be an apple..... I used to tell my toddler then. None of us then were fruit lovers so much. It was not so that we have to have fruits everyday. Fruits were bought in bulk during special prayers at home. I can say my senior's side of the family were more loyal to fruits than mine. My man's lunch box had either apple or banana everyday .... let me not take the liberty of going public with what fun we friends did with the banana eater and how he reacted. Friends will make fun but they never make you feel low and take hold of you whenever required. After stepping into this island, I gradually adopted the habit of having fruits regularly. There is a problem again there..... of coordination. The junior loves apple, the senior loves grapes, I can survive on watermelon for days, but we all love mango. Do you think coordination is a difficult task for me ? Nay, if a hopelessly romantic fool like me is living under one roof with a dreadfully practical person for about two decades, coordination is just as comforting as peeling and chopping the fruits, pulse 1... 2... 3, pour in a glass.... add ice cubes and drink. If a wife lovingly calls her man to ask whether he had his lunch in time or not, and the answer is ..... please do not start with your "main our meri tanhai", I am in a meeting.... you need a lot of healthy smoothies to keep your cool. The crispy, savoury snacks can wait for the weekend to arrive, when I can take the pleasure of at least sitting together. If not singing together " Tera saath hai to mujhe kya kami hai, Andhero se bhi mil rahi roshni hai", we love sipping together something hot or at times cold..... not Bournvita off course. Our choice of "coolers" also match at times... he jokingly tells his friends.... James Bond loves vodka martini and my wifey too.

It was back in 1988 or '89.... Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak just released, four of us dear friends went to watch... me, my senior, Chandrayee and Tanushree. Just when Aamir way dying, my man said do not cry S, there is still a song left.... I still wonder how the two girls let me tie the knot with him. I hope my loving readers know by now why I prepare so much of sweets and desserts at home. I eat them too, then go for brisk walks.... hence calorie added and spent remain same. I have stopped bothering and continue wandering alone singing, at times, one of my favourite numbers.... "Hum tum dono jab mil jayenge, ek naya itihaas banayenge.... Aur agar hum na mil paye to bhi ek naya itihaas banayenge".... though the movie did not end in a positive way, we need to be so.... the world needs each one of us.... so wear your boots / lipstick / eye kohl and shine through.... Do I sound top to bottom film-y ? I am so.... my friend Bianca Castafiore too like Bollywood .... I will talk about her later.

I love to prepare sweet or dessert often..... the junior wishes to have once  back from school and the nocturnal senior at midnight. Yesterday I saw a similar post on frozen yogurt by Tastemade or Tasty may be, I found it to be healthy. I modified it with few additions and trust me it was awesome. Very few ingredients, little effort, less time and loads of taste. I prepared this instant dessert with fruits we love mango, banana, plain yogurt and few spices. Banana and yogurt is considered very auspicious among us.... our mother never forgot to put a dot with yogurt on our examination days. We are in this island for quite sometime, and I love frozen yogurt from Ilao Ilao.... later we may prepare more adding different seeds too.... Today, let us stick to this Spiced Mango-Banana Frozen Yogurt.

Recipe Inspiration : Tastemade / Tasty


Ripe Mango : 2 [I used Thai Honey]
Banana : 2 [small]
Plain Yogurt : 1/2 coffee mug
Sugar : 1tbsp [optional]
Nutmeg Powder : 1/2tsp
Cinnamon Powder : 1/4tsp
Cardamom Powder : 2-3 pinches

Peel and wash the mango and banana. Cut into smaller pieces. Few pieces of mangoes need to be chopped further for the garnish.

Add rest of the fruits to your mixer. Add the sugar, spices and yogurt.

Put on the lid, pulse for 1-2 minutes. Open lid and check.

It is done. Pour into desired cups.

Cover with cling wraps.

Freeze for about 1-2 hours. Take out and top with chopped mangoes.

Enjoy chilled with family and friends.