Friday, 24 May 2019


For the past few days, I had the feeling to do a fish share over this weekend. As I get to know that some dear people do not eat fish, some others meat or egg, I try to keep something on the table for them too, saying you all mean. This may not be possible for all, I am not good at western food. I really do have two wonderful, frill free cake recipes to share, may be soon. I am unable to go ahead with a vegetarian share at the moment, will have to sooner that is true because I have no enmity with anyone unless you start stinking ..... be careful while playing a match game, it can happen that your post may be in bad taste. My little brother has really proved yesterday that he is my brother, he listened to what I taught him. Once I finish my post, I have to message the brother not to discuss Indian politics on the wine table for the next fifteen days. His wife is a teetotaler and has reservations in this area but we will adjust and enjoy these few days. We also have plans to send them to a quiet, nature friendly resort in Bintan or nearby, they have covered most part of this little island on their last visit. Then they need some time away from their mother, I can take care of mine.... I just asked them to get her diabetes medicines. You know my brother, on his trip to honeymoon he almost booked tickets for his parents too, I stopped him and the mother too did. The father almost packed his suitcase. Whenever there would be a cricket or a football match, our Pa would watch it in the big screen of his son's room until the unearthly hours of the night. The brother's wife never frowned, she would massage our Pa's body who was not a millionaire. What do you say, do they deserve a beautiful, short holiday from us or not? Nope, the miser didi bhai will not fill their return bags with presents bought from the Orchard Malls, but cook some goodies like this fish and rice preparation POMFRET IN CURRY LEAF PASTE & YOGURT CORIANDER RICE. I definitely will gift them what I think is within my limit, never a show off. We have to fund the junior's education with not much aid in his choice of college.

I have to really wrap up quick today. I need to cook few dishes and thereafter visit a friend's home whose parents are here. Some elderlies are like our mother, refuse to visit other homes. To play a match game, I will not call either one of the living parents to our place. No meat is going to that home today, home made cake + fish +egg+store bought sweet.... yes going! I will continue to be me, still I will remain uncomfortable at the sight of glamorous, hot beings near to some, I request you all not to search reason in any corner of my body, I am weird, absurd, obsolete, not so open minded. I like these glam dolls however, they have not done any treachery with me.... for them and their family here is a rice and fish combo meal POMFRET IN CURRY LEAF PASTE & YOGURT CORIANDER RICE. I am not fond of pomfret, my family is. I could eat the way my mother did it, neither do I wish to leave it, so I keep on trying it and chicken with various combinations to check what goes with my taste bud. There are days when you do not like cooking separately for you and your family. See, I really loved the cake I prepared yesterday. The son has chosen his list of colleges, the Counsellor ma'am has given us a very good picture of the pros and cons and our son has to lift up his score to get into his choice of college. The mumma's tea intake will increase until December or say until August 2020.... His school is doing a great job finding him a good college. No, our island is not in his chosen list. There are two reasons..... he is not willing to, he thinks he has seen Asia and now wish to explore new places. Secondly, he perhaps is deciding on Business Administration, so only one college is here which we prefer, it demands at list 43/ 45 in IB from a foreigner's kid.. hence. The bahargaon has a lot of option, neither Piali and our kid have scored not too bad in their first attempt at SAT, the month of October seals their fate. My husband is a pragmatic person and so is the school, we do not think our son is in the category of scoring 1550 and get into an Ivy League School, neither our boy has selected those colleges.... I am no one to say anything on Piali's daughter. She is sincere. What was surprising was to see our son so focussed at school yesterday, he has to increase his score to fulfil his dream, no point going to an average school. His present school is so helping the students in this area, none of the Indian Schools in this island are this organised.

Now, that I got a good combination for my tea, I can happily share the recipes of the fish and flavoured rice with two of my favourite fresh herbs. I love the flavours of curry leaves and coriander leaves. You will love the two recipes for sure. I am happy also to get fresh "tyangra" yesterday.






Let us marinate the pomfrets first.

I have marinated the pomfret fishes with all the mentioned ingredients after a thorough wash and slit on their body. I have refrigerated them for 5-6 hours. Do fill the stomachs with the marinade well.

We will take them out at least 45 minutes before we cook. I have taken them on a grill proof, greased plate and grilled one side for 10 minutes, the other side for 8 minutes. Do not over cook please.

I use the microwave grill mode that requires a high stool to be placed and the plate atop.

For the rice, we will wash and cook the rice in enough boiling water  until 70 % done and pour immediately on a big strainer. Let the water drain totally.

Then we will heat the oil in a wok and temper it with cumin seeds and coriander seeds.

As they splutter, add the beaten yogurt, coriander and green chilli paste. Stir well for 1/2 a minute.

Add the salt and give a stir. Add the rice now and gently stir and mix with two ladles until every thing is incorporated well.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


I think I was capable of clicking a better picture of it but I left it very casual just as a breakfast table would look like sans the butter pot and glasses filled with milk. Although having a proper breakfast is a necessity, this home is not in the habit of having elaborate breakfasts unless we are travelling. We usually go out of the hotel in the morning for the day and the breakfast is within the package. The husband is an expert getting the best hotel deals online. He keeps on teasing me that he would one day unmask me in public. Its nothing like that, I actually loved the kind of hotels we stayed in Shimla & Manali or Cappadocia. When the devastated me after 8 hours of continuous puking reached Shimla sometime after the sunset, I felt I am in a paradise. The wise husband knows exactly when I wish to be left alone. While he attended our little boy of seven, I soaked in the beauty of the nature that is in abundance there. It is in the hotel that we stayed in Manali where I tasted the best strawberry and mixed berry preserve in my life till date. When asked, the hotel staffs told me that it is locally made with home grown fruits. Perhaps that is also a reason for me not to use pectin on my jams and preserves. I cannot find the pictures of the dates & blueberry preserve I clicked few months back, they must be in hiding somewhere, I felt let me share the yum & easy recipe of STAR ANISE FLAVOURED PLUM PRESERVE today. I cook and click, then has to scroll back to get them.... some I miss, some I delete if I forget the recipe altogether or if the picture is too horrible. I deleted the family style Bengali Fish Stew recipe picture I so wished to share on Bianca's birthday. Do you know some of us have a heart to heart connection from the G Plus days... I feel that we really do not need to be very formal to each other, our connection goes beyond virtual. I left GPlus three times and a doe-eyed girl got me back there each time. Now it feels how silly I was and that forum was close to my heart. I feel so bad for those who really had a strong base there, I do worry to have lost a couple of connections I had there. Anyway, I keep all my sorrows at bay and find solace in food or anything related to it. I have regained all the fat I got rid off few years back, then who cares? .. I do not wish to live long, I just keep praying for my own. What made me happy early morning are those "Mushur Dal er Bori." I soaked the dal yesterday and then forgot all about it. I completed doing them this morning and then sat to write this recipe. Feels satisfied, the family is visiting in few days. I will be going to the Bangladeshi shop this evening because they just cannot have salmon, the brother is allergic to prawns, crab. On their earlier visit I served salmon and they could not. So, when we are not eating out, it will be typical Bengali food at this home.

I will miss the old man who was seen in the airport in a shocking red t-shirt sometime in 2013. The husband's sister would always say "mesho carries himself so well, looks so smart in his body hugging Ts".... Oh! yes, he indeed was called "little master's look alike" in our DumDum neighbourhood, played football, did yoga, was a member of the YMCA, ran from his hostel at Thonthonia Kali Bari to the Maidan to play football until arthritis crippled the sportsman in  him, he got his daughter dresses from "guys & dolls" just beside the Globe building and Rehmania too, her salwar suits were made by ace muslim tailors in the New Market area, till date I swear on one gentleman Meenaz if its tailor made. The daddy did not like me wearing sarees but I was unable to carry myself well and wished for a different image. May be not for maintaining an image, my taste was / is different.... I never agreed to my mother wearing a sleeveless blouse or doing a top knot, wear too big a bindi .... I wished to see her in ethnic wear, in soft colours. I never agreed to her stand about my father... he was different, carefree and she wanted something else from him.... doing household works with her, not to have friends, not to chat. I told her several times to let him be, no she had all kinds of weird complaints against him. Marriages are indeed prefixed but not really ideal at all times. Pictures are imagery, what is imagery is not always the truth. We try to build a home accepting and adjusting to each other's flaws. So, I think instead of researching the life history of my "choddo purush"and go public with it, I should do something fruitful..... like eating a "kora toast with the STAR ANISE FLAVOURED PLUM PRESERVE" in the morning, share the recipe with you, pray to the almighty to give us some sunlight for the next seven-eight days, prepare a list of "deshi" things to buy, praying that I get a good quality big katla / rui, standard sized ilish today. You will see me cooking "shukto, aloo tomato diye maacher jhol, murgi, patha, toker dal" over the weekend.

I do not like, never feel good taking a dig at others. If the brain, memory bank betrays, I enjoy battering those who act innocent without having a bit of it in them. I do not feel guilty doing so, I very much wish to unmask such kinds who find pleasure in hurting others. An evil lives within all of us but we control it instead of using our evil power on others. I avoid those who I know do not leave a chance to hit you without a reason and also those who lick the feet of these kinds. I have trimmed and chiseled my associations. I enjoy cooking and experimenting a lot, some fail and some I am so happy with that I share the recipe with you asap. Same is with my "non-Bengali Aam er Achar".... I am happy with its taste and clicks and wish to share soon. As of this vegetarian condiment, I did it very simply with hardly four ingredients, ripe plums / aloo bukhara, sugar, lemon juice, star anise to flavour. You can see in the unedited picture below how lovely it looks. Had I have not mixed some black coloured plums, the STAR ANISE FLAVOURED PLUM PRESERVE would have more beautiful hues of red. I am a diabetic and not a regular fan of plain bread is true, but at times I love an overly toasted bread with butter and jam together, taught by the husband while we were at Toshali Sands for our honeymoon.

I belonged to a home where bread entered when our mother had fever, while the husband had travelled different shores of the world by then. Toshali was nice at that time,  in Puri we stayed in "Nilachala Asoko" for 3 days on our 6-7 days of total tour, the 25 year old boy had to keep his wife in places better than those her father kept her. The banker father used to get travel allowances from the bank, his friends "kakus" chose decent places of stay for us. I could understand the emotions, ego  working inside that young boy but for an overweight, dwarf, almost blind woman who carried mostly sarees on her first tour with her husband? I was literally shaking while at stay in Toshali Sands, today I know what to serve Jack, Bianca or Liz if they visit me. Yet, who am I? That soul who thinks private beaches are an insult to the nature, the vast sea would feel claustrophobic if hotels and resorts start owning beaches privately. I belong to no one, amidst the green, beneath the age old banyan tree I sit alone and for hours, I flow and flow care free with the stream.... Anybody home? Yes, run quick, the reptile family is treading fast.




We will wash the fruits under running water thoroughly. Cut each into 4 pieces and throw away the seed.

Now take all of the cut pieces of plum / aloo bukhara, star anise, in a heavy bottomed vessel.

Switch on your gas stove and add the water and sugar.

Bring to boil. After 5-6 minutes, the fruit pieces will release water.

We will continue to simmer further after a stir. Adding the lemon juice, we will give a stir again. After about 7-8 minutes, it looks like below.

We will reduce the heat from medium-low to the lowest now and simmer until it gets sticky. Know that it will thicken more on cooling. So, we have to switch off the gas oven accordingly.

On cooling totally, transfer the plum fruit preserve to sterilised, glass bottles.

Monday, 20 May 2019


Aww it is a long weekend for us and with someone glued into the election bulletin all day, I am so unable to concentrate on my blog. I do not have interest in the areas he takes interest in except for the kind of movies we watch together, since he does not abuse his opponents, not even in private .... I excuse him for all the unwanted noise near my ear drums. I keep telling my little brother that instead of picking up all the bad habits of my man that includes smoking, an indisciplined... no rule life, he could have picked up his rare qualities.. I would have been happier. One good thing is that my regrets of him not pursuing his academics further is diminishing, whats the point if degrees do not teach us to be compassionate ... at least in public? I have the right to scold my brother seven years younger to me... what about the other "dherey khokas?"  like him .... off course one can campaign on behalf of its own belief, why do we need to abuse? Abusing a particular religion is as unwelcome as film stars standing for elections.... living in glass palaces, how will they feel the pulse of the mass? Have they ever worked at the grass root level? They doing charity is okay but state politics is something else .. its their glamour and image that people vote for which has nothing to do with the governance, this is one of the various reasons why Indian politics is deteriorating, there are less of political figures representing its people! Anyway, you all know that I cannot take too much of noise, I will share the recipe of an easy snack, vegetarian condiment MIXED NUT AND EGGPLANT CHUTNEY today.

I am feeling a bit tired too. Sundays are usually relaxing for me but yesterday I did get a bit exhausted & irritated. Actually, I went for a complimentary bottom treatment at a slimming centre located just at the opposite side of the road. The men do not chat with me but they do not want me to leave them and go out alone on a weekend either. I still went, you all know that I can consume poison if given for free. I had a very unpleasant experience. I mean it is their job to allure customers with complimentary offers and then try to sell packages but the same talks for an hour? I finally had to be stern which is not my cuppa and tell them okay I do not want their free treatments further, that they need not waste their time and energy on me who went totally blank after 10 minutes of the conversation. They telling me that availing their package will make my husband love me more was the ultimate trigger yesterday.... they had no idea exactly where they touched, it was like those political parties or their sponsored pet journalists who have won  and will win over the mass caressing their  greatest weakness.... religious beliefs creating unnecessary divide. I wished to pursue journalism but not political, now the son wants to pursue political journalism.... does he know that his mother had a thing for Prannoy Roy, that his father insisted his mother to study psephology instead of engaging into useless fight with his paternal grandmother? I am not even listening to the biased reviews on the television. We at home  do not have a problem with this party had they not made communalism their main weapon.

Leave that, I believe you can really have a healthy, perfect BMI-ed self if you are a little wise, without spending a lot. I am not wise, whimsical, under the husband's influence stopped following a routined life. All of a sudden, around 8pm or little after that I went out for a walk yesterday. The genre of music I listen to on my walks are different and why not. These girls Sheila or Anarkali help me do a 8km walk at night although I finish very late. I could cover more but I had to do those multigrain "pooris" back home... once I take them down, the puffiness goes before I serve, that makes me sad. I scolded Cristine for making a softer dough than required but it is also true that because of her I can take the liberty to go out at any time of the day. I just told the husband to ask Cristine to prepare the dough and keep covered once she is back home, the rest I will manage.

The malls were still open, the smell coming from the bakery was making me mad. You know what, the reason why people suffer here from ailments is that they have a mall underneath their home, have escalators up to their doorsteps and well they are not really in the habit of saving in most cases. On my way to and fro, I clicked two aunties and an uncle for whom life is not too easy in developed countries. Nope, I do not have any problem with the elderlies if they can understand and read my pulse, I have pathos for you if you have it for me.... at some point we need to be like Shylock. I have to wrap up really quick, we need to go out, my dresser needs to be changed. I go mad while at a furniture hub... since we stay in a rented place, I limit my hunger pangs to a little something and satisfy my cravings through food! I think I prepared this vegetarian condiment, chutney / dip MIXED NUT AND EGGPLANT CHUTNEY some 2-3 months back. We love Middle Eastern food and eggplants both. The husband can eat eggplant only when it is cooked and mashed properly, done with the lesser seed variety.... so I do. I used a few variety of nuts, roasted / burnt egg plants, onion, garlic, lemon juice, chilli flakes, green chillies, olive oil, black salt.


ALMOND : 7-8
WALNUT : 6-7


Wash and pat dry the egg plant. Grease all over it with 2-3 drops of oil. I have a stove top rack which I placed on it after being greased. 

Switching on the gas I burnt all the sides equally rolling it often. This may take some 10 minutes or so.

We will place it on a plate and let it cool. Now we will heat a pan and dry roast the red chillies for a minute stirring constantly and then take out.

Thereafter, we will heat the oil and roast all the already half broken variety of nuts for not more than 1-2 minutes. Let it cool.

We will take off the skin of the eggplant now and the roasted and mashed eggplant, 1/2 of the roasted nuts variety, roasted red chillies, green chillies, chopped onions, garlic cloves, black salt and lemon juice in a blender.

We will blend at high until smooth with a pause in between.

We will take it on a bowl and pour rest of the remaining oil and broken, roasted nuts on it.

Serve it at normal temperature or chilled. You can see that I served it with gram flour parathas, Indian Olive pickle and grilled chicken. You can choose your second sides at your will.

Friday, 17 May 2019


This is the obvious resultant of a lazy being planning for Adhirasam, then is crippled by severe lethargy and plans this healthy snack to her utmost convenience. What I got is really worth sharing, else I keep doing various experiments every other day. Perhaps that fear of staying away from the monkey at this home after a year or so is making me cook this and that everyday. My next experimental venture is trying my hands on  rice flour "jilipi," I came across a very good recipe of it and lost it too. Designing is not something I am good at, not even an average, the other reason of not trying it is that the husband does not eat it, if its fried sweet he is a fan of gulab jamun. Last year I did try "amriti" but miserably failed. Thereafter, I am just too scared and lethargic to try that family. I love fried sweets although it is a poison to me now. On our tour of Turkey, the buffets we had there, I was surprised to see some of their local sweets similar to our halwa and pantua. I was surprised may be because I do not have enough research on the actual or factual history of food. I have a problem with online reading due to my deteriorated eye condition, I do not get that kick which I get in print media. I still remember how happy I was when the daddy got me "nabik Sindbad" or the "Gogol series" .... way later in college, this above 20 years old  enjoyed reading "Mitin mashi's adventure with her little niece?" Those adventurous and romantic novels occupied me and not "Nrishingha Prashad Bhaduri's Probondhos".... that is wrong, one must read nonfictions, journals, articles too to be well equipped. If some have so much of grip on food, nutrition, nutritive value, history of food, it is either because they travel a lot or read related articles a lot or do both.... not that they have earned a degree in these areas. I have seen how bloggers mention the nutritive values of the dish, amount of vitamin, then carb or fat.... Oh! it is amazing man to me but I may not learn it to follow them... I lack interest in anything that is technical, mechanical.... I enjoy stories ..... different kinds of.... may be because the daddy was a wonderful story teller and introduced me to the world of books at an early age, may be because the mother used to read aloud "chora o golpo" ...... This vegetarian, oil free & steamed sweet snack  BENGAL GRAM DAL AND JAGGERY STEAMED SNACK is also a story.... of a bowlful of Bengal Gram Dal walking up to the swimming pool, playing with the rest of the friends for two hours, getting up to be dried, instead were crushed under the blades and ultimately got drowned in the river of saliva! If you think it that way, the human race is pretty cruel.

I need to finish off quickly today, I have an appointment that was set a month back for a facial treatment at a meagre amount. I am going to the most happening area of the island.... Orchard.... I am not leaving behind my card.... I really do not like hopping malls, so the husband is less stressed. You know what, there is not many things as derogatory as owning a master card at your husband's expense.... specially when he is the kind who would never ask you to go out and see how difficult it is to earn 10$, not even while at his angered self. That is why I wait for him until 11pm on some days to have the dinner together. No, we do not have any romantic liaison as such, may be we bond over a long time friendship, we bond over the fact that he chose a fat, dwarf girl lacking grey matter and me chose a skeletal structure with no hero like element to live with for life. The only weakness you see in me is that of a life long commitment made to  "my truest feelings" as an innocent little girl.... I will not let it go and will be sharing such vegetarian, healthy snack BENGAL GRAM DAL & JAGGERY STEAMED SNACK at times because I think this is better than a cheese filled sandwich for a "deshi" stomach. You may categorise that weakness as a black spot in my character, I am not bothered else I would not have opened myself to this extent in public which is totally against my nature. Anyway, the weird monkey who is the junior most at this home has school leave until Monday, he does not like mumma going out while he is at home, "babai-mumma" going out for a movie is also a thing of displeasure to him. We have to be present  but he will not talk to us or share any information with us... I mean what is this? I do not like going out leaving him either, although Cristine didi is very caring. Yes, I do have a lot of complaints against those non-working mothers who I saw left their young kids, as young as 8-9 years in empty homes to chit-chat with friends. What is that? If your "self" is more important than your child, why did you bring it then? Their kids may be way more independent & responsible than mine, even will outshine my boy in future but that is not the issue! I will not agree on this matter, the picture of a mother teaching her son after a hard day is still very fresh on my mind. While teaching, she had to prepare rice and "bhajabhuji" too in the kitchen simultaneously. Taking advantage of her dozing off quite often due to her  tired self, the son would start playing with his pencil box sitting on a "madur".... this went on until I suggested her to employ a private tutor for mathematics and science. The yesteryear tween till date says that his tutor had the ability to explain one sum in five different ways and oh! so simply.... that had his tutor not left academics to travel across the world, the tween could have done better! A great academician may not necessarily make a good teacher, teaching is a different quality. What was the tween's father's role in the scenario? Back from office, he would call his daughter while eating "chana-muri".... "mamoni esho, Kolkata kaw te khobor sesh hoyechey, Kolkata kho te natok shuru hobey." His mamoni used to close the story book tactfully placed atop a text book and ran to her father. The mother tried her kids to be good in academics within a business oriented family setup that hardly gave any importance to education. Our father's was an average Bengali business family who earned, cooked a lot, ate and felt proud to feed the entire village often.... none in the family might have known who Sukumar Ray or Tagore was or how Saigal or Noorjehan sang! One of the family's son went to Kolkata for a Bsc. degree, became a follower of Promod Dasgupta, ducked himself from the police in the streets of Sealdah, got into the mainstream life once the father scolded, later made the daughter read Che to Lenin to Fidel to Tolstoy while she was still in school but both came under the influence of the lady of the house and started following RKM. Not everyone can become an Azizul Haque, neither every "Animesh" is lucky enough to get a "Madhabilata!" Anyway, that particular lady cannot ever influence the man of this house, he may well drop her and her daughter at the RKM's gate and pick up too. Since I hate arguments, I would prefer to sit together and enjoy the oil free, steamed snack with all of them different kinds in the family and outside. You definitely would enjoy doing it and find it's taste awesome!




We will wash and soak the Bengal Gram Dal in hot water for at least 2 hours.

We will strain the water and prepare a paste with the soaked dal adding a small cup of water. I always use a mixer-grinder for such purposes.

Add the rest of the ingredients to it!

Now add 2 cups of water to the base so it get half filled. Grease the moulds of a microwave proof idli stand. Pour the paste [not batter okay?] until half filled.

In my machine, it took 4 minutes at the highest power to cook.

Let stand for 5 minutes before we take them out gently.

I did it this way. Doing them in the stove top may get you spongier ones.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


 I will repeat again that I am not so good with stuffed flat breads. This  does not mean that I will not try them in my own convenient way... I love cooking and do not find it as boring as mathematics, science or academics in general.... so this trying to perfect cooking is very spontaneous and may be genetic. This particular shape of flat bread was used to be made when the mother served us CHINIR POROTA ..... sugar stuffed flatbread, one of the most viewed recipes on my blog CURRY AND SPICE ! Actually, the above is my Plan C for yesterday. Plan A was to prepare Dhakai Porota which gave me irritation as I proceeded towards the mid noon. So I sketched a Plan B which was Aloor Dom stuffed Pav Buns, it had the tension of not looking smooth on top. I have to try it in accordance with the instructions given by a blogger friend and then will think. The Plan C, a vegetarian stuffed bread DRIED COCONUT AND DRY FRUIT STUFFED PRATA seemed easier because I am used to doing it and watching it been done since decades. I went for a hair do yesterday afternoon, after a 2 hours of indulgence in a dark room, on a cosy couch I was unwilling to get my sweat glands get too active in the kitchen. They did and I do not bother. The only thing which is normal in my entire body is my blood pressure level, yet I sweat way too much may be because of the excess fat deposit. I will sweat more in the kitchen is normal and I am not bothered about it anymore. I am not so keen on going for a whole body check up as prescribed by old doctor Chang, but I definitely can prepare some prata for him which he loves as much as he loves Biryani. The entire island nation heavily depends on food courts including Dr.Chang's family of doctors but he always asks me or in all probability to all of his patients to eat home cooked food. I will draw the inference that Dr.Chang was a dear friend of my side of the family.

The problem with me is that I eat double when I am happy. Look at how I am having a stale, reheated prata with tea after having a big one just 10 hours back. Last Sunday, I prepared a milk bread and had to have a big slice on Monday morning. What is the reason for an extra dose of happiness? Last week I got home one more hibiscus and too much of a favourite "Bel phool er chara".... I confuse between the two on which one is Jasmine? ... Jui or Bel? Are Mogra & Jasmine same? I am happy on the mornings I see few more flowers on my ledge. I come from a home who never had to buy flowers required for the daily prayers [referring to the grand parent's home], so it is natural. I remember, "didu jao to chad theke koyekta sheem perey niye esho ba bagan theke kota lebupata".... even my cousin who roams around in a half pant and spaghetti strapped tops somewhere in the streets of the Bahargaon will not deny that she had "echorer dalna" with jack fruits freshly cut from their garden or her maternal grandfather grew the best "Tarmuz" big and red with his own hands somewhere in Nagarukhra, a few miles interior to Kanchrapara, can be accessed from Habra too. I sincerely hope she keeps doing "koraishutir kochuri" in her kitchen, share the pictures often just as much as of  her sprawling bungalow in a snow clad valley, "arey koi neighbours dikhta bhi nehi, bhoot-pret ayega to chillakey bhi koi faida nehi.... bhoot chasing, they driving 20 miles to reach a friend's home... eeijonyoi era lanka theke aloo chash shob shikhey nei, mudi dokantao to pach kilometre durey".... Nope, I am not jealous of her but definitely will keep a distance with those who "indulge in 'kondols'"..... I so hate it "para byarani, khobor shongroho and then kan-bhorani"..... Isn't it better to indulge in doing what I enjoy?

"Aloo r chokh kete lagiyechi, tori-tarkari chash oto shoja noi".... potato needs cooler weather right? The maternal grandfather had magic in his hands because he hailed from a farmer's family in Bangladesh. The husband has no idea with how much vigour childhood is knocking at my heart, dadu grew potato and turmeric too in season. I told my childhood buddy to shift again further to the interior to a bigger flat where a balcony is a must.... in this island commuting is not an issue. So yesterday, I prepared a DRIED COCONUT AND DRY FRUIT STUFFED PRATA at night, only after taking things under my control in tune with my convenience, you remember na how I did TOFU BHURJI STUFFED PARATHA sometime last year? We will require few ingredients like multi grain atta, refined flour, dry coconut flakes, almond, cashew nut, walnut, pistachio, raisin, oil... thats it! Cristine did the kneading part and also helped me while frying them, else I would have been late! If you are having it for the lunch or brunch, take plain yogurt and a fruit of your choice.. suits better!


WALNUT : 8-10




Let us prepare the stuffing mixture first. Take all the ingredients required for stuffing except for the dried coconut flakes and the green cardamom powder  on a heated tawa or wok first and stir for 1-2 minutes.

Now, add the dried coconut flakes and stir for a minute. You will see the mixture turning light brown. Transfer to a blender and let cool.

Pulse it to lightly break, we will not powder it.

We have already soaked the raisins in hot water 1/2 an hour earlier. We will drain all the water and take the broken roasted dry fruits + coconut flakes, green cardamom powder in a bowl and mix well.

For the dough, we will take both types of flour, salt, oil in a wide mouthed bowl.

We will mix them well and rub for 2 minutes. We will then add little water at a time and prepare a dough kneading well. This will take some 10 minutes and Cristine did this part for me.

Keep the dough covered for 15 minutes, remove cover. Tear off smaller portions and smoothen between hands.

Dust each ball, and roll out roundels with help of your rolling pin and base.

Fill in with the stuffing mixture keeping the edges free.

Now fold in and press to close tightly the ends.

Place each on a heated tawa and dry roast both sides until light brown, now add 11/2tsp oil for each prata / flatbread and cook until golden brown. "maa e diseni cutobelai aguner syaka? orom hoibo dogdogey ghaer muto poruter gaye".... 

If there is any trace of burnt dusting flour on the pan, we will just wipe before we proceed with doing the next one.

Try to have fresh if you do not have to go through a photo clicking session.