Sunday, 5 March 2017


Arey Sunday afternoon and you are writing recipe ..... you have every right to ask me dear people.... but I have ample reasons to do so .... after a sweating session to a dear couple's home to deliver some food and back, feeding my hungry chopsticks and ladoo Gopal [Lord Krishna], I wished to get little cosy and romantic with the senior of the two atheists at home. Charged up by the downpour, I sing a romantic number ...... "o maine dil diya dil diya ghabrake".... the answer is an obvious "get lost" and not "o hansini mere hansini." I cannot file for a divorce either, it is / was / will be him who nursed his almost dead wifey at the mid sea of Phuket or at Great Barrier Reef, gently caressing her hair, cleaning her sacrificing all the fun of snorkelling, diving or otherwise.

Why going so yogurt-y S? Why not people? The week for  Holi .... Dol Purnima..... Women's Day is approaching..... so I wished to go cool and sweet this week. I find Doi / Dahi / Yogurt a binding force where food is concerned given I have so many friends from different regions or culture per say. Then there is someone special who uses lot of yogurt in cooking.... who I love much but cannot or do not wish to go public with the name. People do not look for any wowwww kind of story material please.... I am not talking of any "HE" here ..... it is this person for whom I do own a food blog today, however of little or of no fame it is, its mine and I should not bother till I be the reason to defame it. Just wished to say all the wars that happen is a diplomatic, political strategy of few using religion as a weapon ..... wherein the commoners on both sides die. I am a religious person and there is no harm in practicing one's own .... wrong is when we hurt the sentiments of others with an overdose of it. I am supercharged to see the news of Ustad Ghulam Ali coming to the island next month and I am going definitely... been a diehard fan of the maestro since my teen .... those who will not go may be they do not like ghazals ...... it is as simple as that. I am preparing myself from now ..... "hungama hai kyun barpa, thori si jo pee li hai.... daka to nehi dala.... chori to nehi ki hai." So, I just wished to say that someone special, dear my blog is a gift to me from you and then it grew with so much of contribution from blogger friends, friends, well wishers. There is also a Punjaban tigress sister.... of whose blog I will speak later who will be happy to see this post very much, she needs to be kept happy today. To you and all, please do not take my posts seriously, they are impromptu and not well thought as of you all given my questionable amount of grey matter.... I listen to my heart only.

Just when I am all set to write the recipes ..... a teen comes to me .... says he hates me. I pamper her and say you do not need to change for anyone, just live life and stay fit not to please anyone but yourself.... look at me I do it... need to do a lot because the old man Dr. Chang refuses to increase my dosage, he said work harder. Go home. Just when she goes, someone else comes and says uff you are such a disgusting melancholic soul.... Yes, I am, hey you are so short... yes I am... 4'11" to be precise... woh... you are all grey! I say yes, since my teen.... oh my you have a flat nose... yes but never wished to go under the knife ..... so heavy glasses you see .... agree I am almost blind since the time we met.... but how is it bothering you? I am or was never your mirror..... we are not in each other's way, unlikely to meet or cross ever... you know well I am hyper sensitive and self-respecting. Do not point your finger at me unless I knock at your door for refuge which is unlikely. Rather be a true heart Indian and travel its lanes and by lanes full of history with your family. Hey someone.... stop, I wished to get a list of your likes and dislikes because I do not want to sound similar as you till my last day... our roads are different. I am unable to do much research on you.

Gazing at the empty road quite for sometime, I feel free to write three of my recipes with yogurt for you all to enjoy this Holi / Dol Purnima / International Women's Day. They are a homemade plain yogurt, a mixed-fruit &nut yogurt drink topped with pistachio and saffron which is favourite with my senior and my all time favourite yogurt eaten as a chaat. The fruits I used here are grapes, pineapple and pear. Come let us do all of them together.

                                                           TOK DOI

INGREDIENTS : [for the plain yogurt]
Full Cream Milk : 1lt
Set Yogurt [plain] : 1/4 small cup [ I used Nestle]
Dry Red Chilli : 1-2 [ this helps to set it thick, I learnt from a food group]

Take the milk in a glass bowl or earthen one preferably. Microwave till it is lukewarm and not hot.

Beat that 1/4 small cup of set yogurt and pour in to the milk. Gently stir for a while. Place the dry red chilli atop. Cover with lid or a plate. 

Place inside the microwave, cover with a bigger vessel first and then with a piece of cloth. Close the microwave door.

Keep like that for hours. It may take 8-10 hours depending on the temperature.

Take out, through away the red chilli. Refrigerate and use the way you and your family prefer.

                                      MIXED FRUIT & NUT YOGURT DRINK

INGREDIENTS : [for the mixed fruit & nut yogurt drink]

Grapes : 10-12
Pear : 1 small cup [chopped]
Pineapple : 1-2 small cup [chopped]
Plain Yogurt : 1 big cup
Pistachio : 3-4 [chopped] a
Almond : 3-4 [chopped]
Cashew nut : 7-8[chopped]
Sugar : 2tsp
Few strands of saffron and chopped pistachios to garnish


Take all the fruits in a juicer and extract the juice.

In a blender add the yogurt, sugar and the dry fruits. Blend at high for two minutes and pour on to a vessel. Add the fruit juice and beat well. 

Pour into glasses and refrigerate. Serve chilled garnished with saffron.

                                                       CHAAT WALI DAHI

INGREDIENTS : [for the chaat wali dahi]

Plain Yogurt : 1 big cup
Mumbai Sev : 1/4 small cup [salted fried noodles made with gram flour?]
Date-Tamarind Chutney : 2-3 tbsp
Chaat Masala : 1tsp
Black Salt : 1/4 tsp
Red Chilli Powder : 1/4 tsp
Ginger Juice : 1 tsp
Fresh Coriander : 2tbsp [chopped]


Take the yogurt, ginger juice and black salt in a bowl and beat thoroughly. Refrigerate.

Take out, top with Mumbai sev, chaat masala, red chilli powder and chopped fresh coriander. Always serve chilled.

So prepare your own yogurt and enjoy these two dishes made with it and many others whenever you wish.


  1. I love anything with yogurt. Showcased splendidly in these recipes.