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How and why did this happen? Winglet, Wing Stick, Drumlet all in a bowl, a yellow coloured  green chilli sauce chicken? When guests come in, I usually do not add those pieces to the curry I am making to serve them. About the green chilli sauce, it was not a good buy. Even while at stay in Kolkata, I had seen store bought green chilli sauces could not satisfy my taste bud. The last one I got home with much hope few months back but to my disappointment.... green chilli sauce instead of been hot had an overpowering sour taste. If I want a sour tone I would have a tamarind sauce, would not want it in a chilli sauce. I am planning at least three sauces and chutneys at home sooner, lethargy is not letting me get the ingredients together. I am too unhappy with the taste of "kasundi" we get here, I am not willing to get it from India fearing my dresses, specially sarees may spoil, neither I am willing to consult ten recipes of it to prepare mine..... So I would do something with raw mango that we get round the year, mustard seeds and green chillies, mustard oil, vinegar... and share the recipe too in due course. I would also prepare a better quality green chilli sauce. Quite irritated with the store bought green chilli sauce, I thought of using half the remaining bottle cooking with the leftover drumlets, winglets, wing sticks of the chicken few days after a get together. Thus this non-vegetarian, easy side dish of chicken CHICKEN IN GREEN CHILLI SAUCE was created. It is just fine for an evening to be served with some brown rice, onion dal, semolina fritters, paneer stuffed tomatoes. Even if you are not a non-vegetarian food enthusiast, you can manage a meal with the rest of the items. About the yellow colour in a green chilli sauce chicken, its more about the kitchen light, my poor knowledge of photography, it turned pale green after cooking actually.

It rains throughout the year here, but monsoon is between October and February. During this period it rains more, climate gets a bit cooler. While many a country wrap themselves in heavy blankets, dab bottles of cold cream on their face and body, we just use a thin bed spread at night while the fans are still on. Yes, my skin  gets drier during this time and I so fail to maintain a decent skin care regime. I never had an interest, now have totally lost it. I need to change my profile pictures in the social media forums because I think people should know how I look "now"..... that too requires some preparations like plucking off the greys from the eyebrows, colour my hair. I consider that too much of a job, specially when I an occupied most of the time with reading, cooking and having what I cook. All of a sudden, yesterday evening after a cuppa of fine Darjeeling and store bought namkeens, I felt like baking some egg free cup cakes and I did .... I must say cooking and reading gives me the utmost pleasure. The cup cakes went to their snack boxes today along with untimely mangoes.... sorry cannot resist myself from buying mangoes. What went to their lunch boxes is porota and okra tossed in crushed garlic. This foodie had to taste everything before sitting to write this post.... how obsessed I am with food. Within an hour I would have 4-5 table spoon of muri with half a mango, then around 3 pm I would have my kind of fish curry AAR DHONEPATA BATA JHOL with fox tail millet, around 6:30pm I must have coffee or tea with biscuits, around 10pm I would stop for the day having a dinner with fox tail millet and 3 items of what I cooked on Saturday. Even a Rujuta Diwekar cannot do anything to my ever expanding belly area which happens to be two tyred. A swimming session of 50 minutes and few miles of walk alternately cannot be proportionate to this pattern of eating. If I eat totally healthy, the joy of life would be gone. BTW, I did not like the taste of the namkeens, must do it at home sooner.

So all the above activities stores enough energy in me to share the recipe of this quick and easy non vegetarian meat dish CHICKEN IN GREEN CHILLI SAUCE. I remember there was very little bit of spices used in it, the major idea was to finish off the remaining green chilli sauce with an addition of few ingredients of which onion and garlic were a must. I although have a PAPAYA CHICKEN recipe in the blog which does not use onion and is yet so good in taste..... I learnt it from Sanak...  since marriage I saw him and his elder sister doing experimental cooking. Okay, Sanak's wife also does so, is a chicken-o-phobic unlike me, I do not agree with her way of life, never will but she earns more or at par with an average male here. We still bond over one factor.... we are submissive in nature.... so people get away doing anything, any damn wrong with us. I have decided to live my life without giving too much importance to the happenings around, my joy would be to live through my offspring's dreams. Sanak's wife cannot live without people hovering around her, even the kinds who bite her back, make her feel small. I can understand she needs people, an aura encircling her 24/7 .... so she gives in to all sorts of non-sense. I think we should not come in each other's way and preach to each other.... let us all live our life in our own ways .... giving a blind eye and deaf ear to anything that does not attract us. I have a track record of not talking to my little brother an entire day as a teen, I bathed him, fed him, combed his hair but forgot to converse. He was hurt and complained to the parents. To that girl people had to batter with choicest words, people who lack softness, gentleness severely. If they had to get the devil out of me.... I would not listen to what they wish, nor be warm towards them.... only cold and just formal. I do not wish to be called Ms. Angelic S anyway. Let us proceed with the recipe which is my pleasure always!




Wash and pat dry the chicken pieces. Marinate with the crushed garlic, coarsely ground black pepper powder, little salt for 30-45 minutes.

Heat oil in a wok, add the sliced onions. Fry them until golden brown.

Add the chicken pieces without the marinade. Stir at high heat for 3-4 minutes.

Reduce heat to minimal and add the marinade. Fold in well and cover cook for 10 minutes checking in between. We cannot let it burn, if water does not release, add little water.

Open cover, add the green chilli sauce, the slitted green chillies and stir fry at low heat for 2-3 minutes.

Now add 2 small tea cups of warm water. Adjust the salt if required. Fold in well and cook uncovered at the minimal heat for 5-6 minutes.

Yeah we are done. Have fresh and hot with rice. We had some semolina fritters, paneer stuffed tomato and onion dal alongside. That is my kind of dinner, could be best if you substituted the chicken for a crispy fried river water fish.

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