Wednesday, 19 September 2018


As promised CURRY AND SPICE remains to be a low cost, budget friendly food blog at large, mostly compiling family recipes as you know those yester year ladies did not know how to market their skills.... They however knew how to remain extremely patient while doing a "choshir payesh".... No, I am not taking a dig at our generation... Our blogger friend Indrani Sen teaches at a college in Mumbai, is a published author and does "choshir payesh" too during Poush Sankranti. Even I do it with Cristine's help though not with that much precision.... I wish to blog on it before going to Kolkata this December... however lethargic I got with time consuming cooking! The recipe may be almost same but you must know it will not be a copy from Indrani or from those who have already done it. Around 2015-16, I was even more silly.... got loggerheads with someone alleging that person to be a copy cat.... I started chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" for mental peace!.... I am not even too particular with it, yet I got tremendously benefitted from it. When I went through the internet, I found even I am blogging on Bengali recipes which some one has compiled some 6-7-8 years back.... You know I cannot take all names... "kuch personal sa 'emoson' wali baat hai".... Keep the content original, photographs your own and give due credit whenever required. If I blog on a "pahadi murg tikka"... I have to browse recipes because its not my family recipe or I have not done any course on cookery. Long back I did love it at the Amber restaurant in Kolkata... I remember it had yogurt and coriander in it, I am the kind who will use her own marination and name it "doi dhonepata bata diya murgir tikka".... Take the example of what happened in my kitchen last Saturday ... I wished for a rich chicken dish... Cristine told that we are running out of almond... I screamed at Cristine for five minutes which is mandatory.... then went ahead with something of my own... wish to blog on it coming Saturday.... Bengalis eat ROSHUN KALOJEERE PHORON ALOO for breakfast on a normal day, but not during Durga Puja... so some chicken, mutton, hilsa has to happen before mid October! I am not so keen on recreating recipes of the master chefs.... it takes time to go through a couple of recipes, select one, getting the ingredients ready at the work station, then throwing off the rest of some curry powders as I am a minimalist and a Bengali when it comes to spices or say cooking! ... I work with few Bengali spices! I do not have time either... so busy eating right from the morning, they took vermicelli upma today, I had to have my share.... I have to go for my walk, on way back I have to visit a nursery too on some days and drink a big glass of sugarcane juice.... no that is not apple juice! Sugarcane Juice is healthy but how much it is for a diabetic I doubt... sucrose content is so high! I do what gives me pleasure! I love potato, I eat it and the sugar level never goes down!

Well I baked an egg free, very "desi" cake too.... soon to blog on it! Though Bengalis will head to Azad Hind Dhaba or Arsalan or for some Indo-Chinese during pujo, yet that cake should be up before pujo .... An "average" Bengali spends 60% of earning on food, will not hesitate to shell out 2000 rupees for a kilo of hilsa but may not be so keen on changing the set of bed spread until they are worn out! I am not interested in judging what is wrong or right today! I am in a happy mood... I will start cooking for the guests due tomorrow.... I had a wonderful bowl of egg drop curry and "ucche chocchori" at Roshni of Gahonaz's home yesterday!.... I am not among her top listed clients, I so much loved that personal touch of her! If you are not so fond of egg whites like me... egg drop curry is for you! Her light curry tasted amazing!

Our mother used to prepare this particular ROSHUN KALOJEERE PHORON ALOO ... a vegetarian side to go with ruti / porota / luchi when we had cough and cold. Whether it cured us or not, we enjoyed having it when the tongue felt dull and tasteless... Garlic does help to cure cough & cold! The mother was / is not fond of potatoes..... wishes to use very less in her cooking but her kids or may be the daughter-in-law loves it too.... so she is forced practically to cook potato! At this home... the father, son, Cristine everyone loves potato! I forget all about my medical condition, grab few pieces and eat. Some of my friends can notice that I have gained again what I had lost few years back .... compare my pictures of 2016 and those clicked recently... I just fail to get motivated such is my love for food and off course cooking... If I am sitting idle, I would just bake a cake or prepare an easy sweet... I was in high school or college, since when I am following some amazing master chefs & home cooks including Rukma Dakshi... simply love her way of draping a saree... so much wish to recreate her "Barishali Ilish" if only my grinder gave me a smooth paste of "kalojeere".... till then try our mother's recipe of ROSHUN KALOJEERE PHORON ALOO! Talks have got finalised with the brother on visiting Manjilat's coming December... I wish to see the difference between commercialised Biryani... korma... kebab and the Begum's personal touch.... I am where History / mystery is... haha... that reminds me of the grave mistakes I did with my academics... my subject of major should have been either History or Archeology or Anthropology or Psychology or Literature.... my mistakes does not allow me to influence the son's decision.... let him pursue what he wishes to!




Peel the skin of the potatoes, wash them. Cut half lengthwise. Cut each half into 2 pieces lengthwise. Now cut each piece into smaller cubes widthwise!

Peel the skin of the onion, cut both end. Wash and cut into thick slices.

De skin each of the garlic cloves and wash. Slit and wash the green chillies.

Take the washed potato pieces, garlic cloves, onion slices in a bowl and temper with salt and turmeric! Keep aside for 5 minutes.

Heat oil in a wok and temper with the nigella seeds and halved dry red chillies. Add the marinated raw vegetables along with the marinade.

Give a quick stir and put the heat level at minimum. After 3-4 minutes, remove the cover and add a small cup of water and the slitted green chillies. Fold in well.

Cover cook at minimal heat for 2-3 minutes. Open cover and add the sugar. Stir once and let cook uncovered at minimal heat for a minute. We are done.

On that particular day I served the vegetable sides with round parathas.

Sunday, 16 September 2018


It was a long long wish to blog on this particular recipe of UCCHE CHINGRI, a very authentic family recipe! This picture was clicked in the month of May, ate bitter gourd after that a couple of times. Then what was I waiting for? Well, I had a conversation with the silly mind, I explained myself that even though some of the dearest people do not eat prawns or meat or either of the two, I have to go ahead with shares with them as main ingredients often. I live with two horrid men who would pick and eat the prawns from the dish and leave the bitter gourd pieces for me.... that should not stop me from cooking and sharing it.... I definitely will prepare a minced meat or meat curry for them to serve with "luchi / porota"on such days!.... Besides, I will talk a lot on food today with my readers... What was I doing the last two days? I went to the Bangladeshi shop and the Indian super market for some "desi" stuffs. I was craving for an "ilish" which gets scarce and expensive during this time of the year. I did not mind buying a 1kg 100-150gm fish for 37 sing dollar, sacrificed the Revlon lipstick I was eyeing at for the time being. Yes, a homemaker must manage her home the right way.... specially applicable for those who do not earn and feed on their husband's hard earned money!So, you can see I love an "ilish" to what extent. Anyway, I am not that wise a girl as I project myself to be.... specially during this time of the year I end up buying few gold & silver ornaments. Waiting to visit "Gahonaz" early next week.... this girl Roshni knows my taste, so does a Jayeeta Dasgupta of My D-Sign.... SAREES With Aesthetics or a Debarathi of .... Shaukh ..... The only reason I do not shop much from the last one is that "all" their sarees are exclusive and the price tag is a bit high.... we have to understand that all the boutiques here have to get their supplies from Kolkata / India! Here we buy 100gm of green chilli for 100 rupees. The Shaukh girl has full support of her husband... who is a painter, photographer, software engineer.... too good at all. I do talk about this soft spoken guy from time to time, indeed he is like a little brother.... I know him ever since I was in 9th standard and he a 5-6 year old boy. Our fathers worked together at the SBI of a small hamlet in the Murshidabad district of Bengal for 3 years.... then I discovered him as the husband of  little sis... who happened to be my colleague for 2 years! I simply adore the dressing / style sense of her.... however too much of dieting makes her look like a skeleton these days.... at least me and her mother think so.... so you see relationship and business do not come together.... she knows I buy more from Kolkata! Besides an ilish, I got loti / taro stolons to cook with dried Bombay duck / "loitta shutki or hudki".... those big sized prawns to express my love for the men and to change the pictures of my blogpost on masala prawns. Come on I bought few gold ornaments, I have to make up the guilt, haha! He is not bothered so long the wife spends from her own savings, she always ease the guilt of not earning a penny saying.... all for my daughter-in-law. So, prospective daughter-in-laws, be nice to me and get prepared to live with another most difficult person on the earth!... He... like his father will not sing and dance around the trees with you... he is a bit weird!You see I got those Indian / Kolkata kind of jhinge / ridge gourd after a long time and the "gondhoraj lebu" too! Those smaller but fresh "aar maach" / long whiskered cat fish comes from the neighbouring country.... I cooked it with "aloo tomato".... We are fond of "aar maach" and absolutely dislike the big sized, frozen supplies here.... Kolkata never sells such small sized "aar".... lets eat it here and wait for a December visit at the Baguiati bazaar... I just cannot fancy stale, river fish supplies here except for the ilish. The tiny heads of the cat fish were cooked with ridge gourd & egg plant! You guessed it right.... it was "bhanga chora shukto".... The hilsa head was cooked with moong dal... the pointed gourds with potato because my "aloo potoler dalna" post had to have upgraded photographs. I stopped cooking 10-12 dishes on Saturdays.... I get tired. Well, there was a chicken dish too which I wish to blog on! By the way, I see a couple of Bengalis use the hilsa tail in curries.... refrain from that if you may! The hilsa tail tastes best while deep fried! I reserve it for me... can you see? Then at night... I went downstairs.... the entire neighbourhood got suspected .... what is that heavy object being thrown in the water? After that, the  shameless had to order pizza, we do it if we are not going out on a Saturday evening.... however full is the refrigerator! "prithibi khadyomoy hok".... I admit that I am a hypocrite-"democrat cum liberal marxist".....

UCCHE CHINGRI is not something my men or the junior's "mamujaan" will eat! The "mamujaan's" mother loves it and learnt it from her mother. My maternal grandparents shifted to India before the partition. The maternal grandfather was a SBI employee, the grandmother learnt a lot of cooking in the present land never giving away that of her roots. Her side of the family migrated and settled in the "edeshio" hotbed Bardwan.... yet maintained and practiced the food of their land as told by the grandma! I do not believe in this demarcation... yet loved to listen. I last visited Burdwan while at college and saw an entire neighbourhood is inhabited by the family branch from the grandmother's side .... with all the family heads being a SBI employee! The grandfather obviously would not agree to handover the grand daughter to a mariner.... he told that at this home daughters go to SBI / UBI /RBI employee grooms only.... The grand daughter was clever... she knew the mariner fetches her "Poison, Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, Clarins to Swatch and Swarovski".... "yeh admi ko chorne ka nehi".... That they do not come my way anymore and I have to remain happy with Revlon / Maybelline is a different story, haha! Leave the joke, end of the day we are the working class! Anyway, I cannot rave much about Burdwan... the family ties got loosened, or was never so strong .... but I cannot forget the taste of "mihidana-sitabhog".... can I ever blog on them? You know our mother.... she will not go beyond "Belurmath", "Dakshineshwar", Shyambazaar, New Market, her kids, two sisters, three brothers, mother, two brothers of our father who live in Assam and her home. It was the father who visited occasionally the mom's relatives in Burdwan and his own in Assam & Tripura.... Yes, very few in this world has a pure heart like our father... Leave the past, the "mamujaan" and his nephew bond over car games and meat, so long they get the supply of both undisturbed, they should not have a problem with an UCCHE CHINGRI! This prawns cooked with bitter gourd is a very healthy recipe, there is no spice powders or much of oil required! The mother perhaps steam the prawns too before lightly frying, I skipped.... the lazy cook lightly boiled the bitter gourd in the microwave. Though I named it UCCHE CHINGRI, we use "korola" here, hardly get small sized "ucchey".... This not at all exotic dish can be an entrant to any of your rice meal.

My "ALOO POTOLER DALNA" and "MASALA PRAWNS" blogposts got up dated with new pictures. Just click the below links for the full recipes!


Bitter Gourd : 4-5 medium sized [karela / korola]
Small Sized Prawn : 150-200gm [jhinga / chingri]
Fenugreek Seed : 1/4tsp
Dry Red Chilli : 1
Green Chilli : 2 [slitted]
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp + 1/4tsp
Salt : As Required
Oil : 1tbsp [I always use mustard]


Cut the two ends of each of the bitter gourds. Cut half each. I usually throw the seeds, bitter gourd was not a natural love since birth... You can keep the seeds. Cut widthwise into not so thick nor thin slices. They will look like a half moon. 

Wash the bitter gourd slices and apply little salt to them. Rub well and add to a microwave proof bowl. Fill with 2 coffee mugs of water. Microwave at high for 3-4 minutes. You can do this part in gas top too.

Strain the water from the bitter gourd pieces.

Clean, de shell the prawns, wash thoroughly under running water. Rub with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder & little salt.

Heat oil in a wok and lightly fry the prawns. Authentically, they are lightly steamed or boiled too in water.

Take the lightly fried prawns out of the wok and reserve for later use. Temper the same oil with fenugreek seeds & a dry red chilli.

Add the lightly boiled bitter gourds, add the rest of the turmeric powder and salt as required.

Mix well and cover cook at low heat for 3-4 minutes. Open cover and stir every minute. The bitter gourd pieces should not burn.

Open cover and add the slitted green chillies and the marinated prawns.

Fold in well. Cover cook for another 3-4 minutes. We are done.

Enjoy with piping hot steamed rice. We also had some minced meat and potato curry alongside on that particular day.

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Life goes through a rough patch during this period every year.... ask me why? It is particularly during this period that mango and hilsa get scarce in the market or not seen at all. A two months of void is created in few lives, me been one..... haha! Definitely we do not get the best quality Hilsa here, I hear better quality of Bengali raw materials are supplied to the Asian shops in Europe and the "bahargaon".... I did not find shad to be a near alternative to Hilsa, decided not to have it anytime soon. Prawns, Salmon, Snappers seem better to consume, men are happy... that gives me pleasure! I have come to a settlement.... on days when I cook the men's favourite pomfret with lots of garlic, onion and tomato, I would get a fresh smaller sized Rohu from the Indian wet market on a Saturday morning and cook fresh a "maacher tetul tok" or I do not mind a pure vegetarian fair if the veggies are raw jackfruit, banana flower blossom, eggplant, potato, yam and the choice is yet more! Else I will cook mixed veggies with bits of dried fish when I do a chicken curry to see happy faces around! Food  preference is not a big issue that cannot be solved, people live together with unmatched souls for life. A precious note to them.... if you believe in the almighty... know that he does not believe in tying the knot between matched partners... may be there is no thrill in that.... like poles have possibilities to repel! Life is a game of gymnastics... the more you balance, more successful is your relationship.... you must learn the art of detecting your own faults instead of accusing your partner... no one is perfect in this world. Whoever tries to complain me on this matter, I never entertain, will not.... one cannot be flawless.... I have no interest in knowing what goes in at people's home.... I have to prepare these MASALA NIMKI for the family and for my readers. The silly nut in me has to have these oats cookies with loads of sugar with her sugar free tea / coffee! She realised just few minutes back that oats is best eaten as a main and not in a biscuit, she calls Cristine and asks her to take the remaining cookies for her friends on Sunday! I had never been a sweet tooth kind of a person, I do not know why I started having them once diagnosed with diabetes.... so I had to have a bowlful of "chirey bhaja" for a sizzling sensation in the tongue. The western world is a friend when it comes to "cakes and desserts".... After a brisk walk I would have a ".... flurry" or "strawberry sunday".... getting all my sweat drowned in the swimming pool, then cry as to why I cannot get an inch lost from the waist and arms. I try to be happy watching my homegrown orchids swimming around! I do not like tearing them but has to at times. Then I get lost in thoughts that makes me happy.... I own my soul and I do not allow anyone to dictate it. In between preparing this yummy, Indian deep fried snacks does happen.... I love my family!

I call this savoury snack MASALA NIMKI and not "moshola nimki" because an authentic Bengali nimki recipe will not have ground spices in them. I already have the recipe of the basic Bengali nimki recipe up on blog, I tried this one with roasted, ground spices. So, MASALA NIMKI does not remain purely Bengali in essence but becomes INDIAN.... which the world too can enjoy discarding the readymade packets of chips and snacks. I will definitely not call homemade deep fried snacks as healthy but you are using fresh ingredients... good quality ghee, refined flour, freshly ground spices. We are not having it on a regular basis, so do not feel guilty to have it once in two months. It does take some time to prepare this soul satisfying savoury snacks at home! What we get at the end is an aromatic and yummy teatime snacks. Lightly fry some curry leaves and add to the container of MASALA NIMKI .... and the flavour is awesome! While doing it do not forget to sing along "dhadkan  jara ruk gayi hai, kahi zindegi bah rahi hai".... this song has two of a couple of favourite Mumbaites in it.... Suresh Wadkar... I loved / still love maximum of his numbers... and Madam M.... her million dollar smile still rules over me.... I strongly believe that not even 1/10th of her acting prowess was explored during her reign.... she was underused in all the wrong films... of the very few "good" movies she did, the movie which has this song is one. Do watch it while enjoying this lip smacking snacks with your favourite style of tea / coffee! Its a very dear college friend's birthday today, she will enjoy this platter I know, if not her country of stay! Eager to meet the old pals come December. Last met a Nupur Datta at age 26-27, now her son is doing his 1st year of Engineering at Chennai... time flies truly!

For the very authentic Bengali Nimki recipe, click the link below...





Dry roast all the spices and the dry red chillies on a pan for a minute. Transfer to a bowl. Once cool, dry grind them. I think I have roasted a little more this time, so be careful.

Take the flour, baking soda, salt, spice powder, ghee in a wide mouthed big bowl. 

Fold in and keep rubbing for 2-3 minutes.

Add water little by little, keep kneading until a soft and smooth dough is formed. This will take some 10-12 minutes.

Cover the dough with a moist, clean piece of cloth for 15-20 minutes.

Open cover, knead the dough for another 2 minutes. Tear out portions in size of a lawn tennis ball and smoothen between your palms.

Dust your rolling base with refined flour. With help of the rolling pin, roll out round shaped parathas.

Take a butter knife and make slits lengthwise with a 1 or 2 inch gaps.

Cut each strips further into diamond shapes. You will do better shapes than me, I am very poor in fine artistry! Dust a plate and keep the nimkis in it. Newspapers are best for it.

Heat the oil in a wok. Fry the nimkis in batches till light brown. Never heat the oil to smoking point in this dish.

Transfer onto tissue papers. Cristine definitely helps me all through.

I tore some home grown curry leaves, fried lightly and added to the container.

Enjoy this crispy, savoury snacks with your evening tea / coffee!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


This was an idea hired from a cake that a friend got for us... it was written "orange sugi cake" on it .... the family loved it... their "short break food box" returned empty... me too liked but as you know I am averse to artificial flavours and not so fond of candies either. That cake from a well known store here uses candied orange zest I felt, sweeter compared to the standard of this island. Then on my walks, I discovered this vending machine for orange juice... the idea of preparing a FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE popped up on my mind! This vending machine is just few metres from my home, I got it and prepared this super easy and yum cake in the comfort of my kitchen! There are so many occasions around... birthdays, anniversaries and yes... my reunion with a long lost friend Nupur Datta after 21 long years.... we last met on my marriage day! I was frantically searching for her for a couple of years and all of a sudden last week I came across her name and wow its my dear friend indeed! Nupur and I have worked in a school for 3-4 years... she joined there one or two years after me.... the best moments we spent together was catching "4:10 er Barasat Local" to attend our master's classes.... Nupur had been working in the morning shift and me in the afternoon shift. Our school gave over at 4pm, I would run through the rocky pebbled roads, unmanned railway tracks to catch that particular train. If the train was in time there was a "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" kind of "chin chinari"..... aka scene scenery!  The train started, S.... the fat girl in her early 20's running.... Nupur laid her arms ..... "S you can, hold tight and get up".... Ok, I could... We could not afford to go separately... we had to share one single rickshaw from Dum Dum station to the university... the fare was 5 rupees, each gave 2:50 rupees. The only child of so lovely parents, Nupur used to get food for me that "kakima" prepared as I used to leave home at 9 am in the morning! Who many of you call aunty, is "kakima, pishima, mashima" to us! Me being still a primitive, I fail to understand why Bengalis of our generation have to call the motherly women... "aunty".... is it a criteria to be on the top of the societal hierarchy? Lets have a quick flashback, we were invited to a family function in Kolkata some nine years back.... I discovered people addressing each other's mothers as aunty.... the primitive me  was utterly confused ... "kaidabajir shobhabta jaini"..... Anyway, I do not think I can get along with such kinds, I mean the "shutkir bharta" loving me knew it long back that specific people have certain dreams.... not only to build a strong career for themselves but they equally garnered a wish to go high up in the social ladder.... "S be a nice girl... do not come in the way of people's dreams .... eat shutki and be happy!".... S's inner self does not let her go wrong to an extent that may cause harm to people .... thanks to my guides "lokkhi-saraswati-gonshu or laddu".... Leave that already cliched part of my life, I am happy for Nupur, she has also made a niche for herself, she is the principal of a high school in Barasat now.... look at me... a worthless! Nupur deserves, why not? The head girl of Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan School... still one of the premier girl's school in Kolkata.... her spoken power, her crisp English... her prowess in compering a programme had hardly any equal... amazing! I remember I was entitled the job to compere on the annual sports day until she joined! I felt low though it never came in between our friendship... may be because they say I am a good soul, haha! Today at 48, I believe one should always give way to the better, then only this world can flourish ... one must admit their shortcomings.... else one is a mean and nothing else! Now, the worthless me too spends her day the way she wishes... she discovered some red bhindi growing just yesterday on her walk, she enjoys her coffee latte often! She learns everyday from little things.... she bursts into tears discovering her deceased friend Chanchal Sen's gift to her... the purse below.... each year he would gift me a bag from his factory... last time I promised I will visit his baby! Come December, I will visit his widowed wife and children... who else but a Swati Bhattacharya will take me there, no one else but Swati will reserve all the pujo special magazines for me, I can message her just like the brother.... change your profile picture, take a knife and cut the extra fat from your sides... haha... I always tell my brother, get out of the mother's lap and make at least five to six genuine, trustworthy friends.... its a requirement! Before I blog on a FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE, I have to do some irrelevant talks as usual with my loving readers... how do you tolerate me by the way?

Let us come back to some food talk now! I am a poor baker... a cliched but a true fact, I love to bake and bake a cake every week... it is true... I blog only on those that comes out well .... that is a wise thing to do! Below is the orange cake with candied zest that our visiting guests get us... its favourite with the son as he prefers plain cakes and hardly can discover the zest in it. Mumma is a diabetic but her over all medical reports are better than the last year.... so she can blog on a FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE for her loving readers and herself have a big slice, she is a shameless diabetic! Since, I do not know what went into the store bought, super moist semolina cake, I did it with fresh orange juice, plain yogurt, red sugar, fresh cream I had, so I used and little vinegar.

Mine was moist too if not done with much of expertise! I mean my bakes are always for novice bakers and the ace bakers or teachers can ask the kindergarten kids to try my cakes! The FRESH ORANGE SUJI CAKE I prepared was done with a readymade but very fresh orange juice, this island makes things easier for me! We get lazier in the process.... did our mothers or grandmothers ever require to go to the gym? My grandmother still has a normal sugar level! Let us drop that matter and enjoy some cake done with more or less "desi" ingredients!

My omelette wrapped fried rice recipe wishes to reach some more people, would you have a look please?... an easy solution to your week night dinner!



Semolina : 1/2coffee mug or little more
Fresh Orange Juice : 100-150ml
Plain Yogurt : 2small cups
Fresh Cream : 150-200ml [I use Nestle]
Red Sugar : 1medium cup [if using white sugar, add a pinch of yellow food colour]
Vinegar : 1tbsp
Baking Powder : 1tsp
Oil : 1medium cup [I use sunflower or olive]
Vanilla Essence : 1tsp
I garnished with mixed nuts.


Here is the readymade orange juice I get from the vending machine near my home! Do prepare your own in the juicer.

Here is the plain yogurt and fresh cream which I will beat together with the sugar, oil and vinegar.

Below is the bowl where I have mixed together the semolina and baking powder. I am not so comfortable using baking soda!

Now in a blender which is not used for blending spices, we will take together the plain yogurt, orange juice, red sugar, vinegar, oil.

Blend at high for 2 - 3 minutes pausing in between. We get what you see below.

Pour into the semolina mixture and fold in well. Stir for a minute just after adding 1tsp of vanilla essence.

Pour on to a cake tin and keep at rest for 15 minutes or little more.

Preheat oven @ 180*C. Place the low rack inside if you are using a convection mode microwave. Add some pistachio and almond before you start baking.

Bake @ 180*C for 30 minutes first and then check if its done.

It should as Semolina cakes take less time to be done.

Enjoy the FRESH ORANGE JUICE SUJI CAKE with cups of tea / coffee or pack the kid's tiffin boxes with 2-3 slices... they will be happy!